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Who we are?

We are highly curious and imaginative folks who use automation and human connections for super productivity!

Each individual is a critical part of our “hive” and we do not consider any task too big.
Anyone with the skill set to perform the desired task can take the initiative, regardless of their designation.  

Oh, in case you’re wondering, we do not have a queen bee!

Our Motivation

Being a better version of ourselves tomorrow than we are today with the influence of awesome people around us is what makes us get out of bed early each day!

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Our Values

  • We’ve pledged to always work like a startup, think lean, and always be hungry to deliver more!

  • We make every day fun and collaborative, even if we work from different corners of the world!

  • For us, making it happen is our mantra. We believe failures are learning experiences. We consider Growth as our way of life.

  • Experimenting with crazy ideas is our turn-on. Each day, we exceed each other’s expectations!

  • There are good days and bad. But we always pick each other up!

  • Each one of us is highly autonomous to try new ideas to achieve our goals.

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When you join

Here’s what you get

The best modern tech equipment
(MacBook or a Surface, a 4k external screen)
ESOP Text.
Company shares
(so you own the company with us)
Remote working possibility
Work from anywhere (so you can work in your pajamas) and, most importantly, at your own convenience.
Starbucks card
(MacBook or a Surface, a 4k external screen)
Always fun at work!
(MacBook or a Surface, a 4k external screen)
English-speaking Environment
We encourage all of our co-workers to speak in English
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