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For Marketing Agencies

Generate ad creatives and banners with up to 14x better conversion rates for your entire client portfolio. Provide superior results for your clients while reducing your workload. Implement custom branding to make truly yours, and even generate revenue by offering it to your clients.

Generate Ad Creatives

Impress Clients

Deliver hundreds of high ROI ad creative variations to your clients within minutes.

Decrease Workload

Eliminate up to 90% of design tasks and costs. Invest your time and resources into growing your agency.

Boost Revenue

Customize with your own branding and URL, resell it to your clients or offer unique creative packages.

Scale Fast

Generate unlimited ad creatives

Don’t just provide your clients with two versions to choose from like others, provide them tens or even hundreds of versions with confidence.

Generate Ad Creatives

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No Limits

Onboard all your clients

Onboard all your clients, regardless of their vertical. Surprise them with your speed in ad creative design and impress them with the conversion rates you bring.

Generate Ad Creatives

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Own it

Make truly yours!

Change the logo and the URL of, impress your clients and make upsells.

Custom Branding Setup
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Generate Ad Creatives

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Turn your team

into seasoned copywriters

Empower your team with the superpower of crafting high-conversion texts, enabling them to impress clients with both speed and quality.

Examples Listicle Style Ad Texts

At-Home Teeth Whitening Made Easy
Ad: We turn yellow and stained teeth into pearly whites in just 9-minutes a day.
😁 The World’s #1 Teeth Whitening System
⭐️ Loved by 600,000+ Happy Customers
✅ Featured in GQ, Elle, Vogue & Forbes
Get your Snow Teeth Whitening Kit today, receive 50% discount!

Keep It Simple and Straightforward

Simple: “Whiten your teeth quickly and easily with SmileBright.”Straightforward: “In just 7 days, our enamel-safe formula removes stubborn stains, revealing a radiant smile that’s up to 8 shades whiter.”Call to Action: “Upgrade your smile today – order your SmileBright kit and experience the difference!”

LIFT Method: Listicle Style Ad Texts

PAS Formula: Pain-Agitate-Solution Style Ad Texts

BAB Formula: Before-After-Bridge Style Ad Texts

FAB Formula: Feature-Advantage-Benefit Style Ad Texts

AIDA Model: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

4C’s Principle: Clear, Concise, Compelling, Credible

4U’s Principle: Urgent, Unique, Ultra-specific, Useful

SLAP Method: Stop, Look, Act, Purchase

QUEST Method: Qualify, Understand, Educate, Stimulate, Transition

ACCA Model: Awareness, Comprehension, Conviction, Action

KISS Principle: Keep It Simple and Straightforward

Examples Pain-Agitate-Solution Style Ad Texts

Pain: While you should get your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year, it’s not exactly realistic when you’re busy with work and personal commitments. And while we all want pearly white teeth, the dentist’s office can be a scary place that most people don’t want to frequent.

Agitate: Our whitening kit removes 99% of stains within 14 days — without the pain. We’ve already helped more than 600,000 customers achieve healthier-looking teeth. Some of the magazines we’ve been featured on include GQ, Elle and Vogue. Unlike other whitening solutions, our whitening kit doesn’t require any trays. Simply apply the whitening solution directly to your teeth and watch it instantly take effect.

Solution: Whiten your teeth in minutes per day with our DIY teeth whitener solution designed for sensitive teeth and gums. Our friendly customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions and ensure that you have a positive experience.

Buy your kit today for immediate results!
Generate Ad Creatives

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Analyse & Report

Best performing creatives, colors...

Monitor the highest performing creatives in your clients' ad accounts. Let our AI compile and aggregate data across all platforms, creating over 80 data points for each creative. Learn from these AI-generated insights and download the report with a single click. Impress your clients with your data-informed approach.

Generate Ad Creatives

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Let team work make the dream work

Invite your team to let them generate different projects at the same time, under one main account.

Generate Ad Creatives

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Resell to your clients,
generate revenue!

Activate custom branding and present to your clients as if it’s your own tool.

Generate Ad Creatives

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See results from day one.

Pricing that pays for itself.

Whether you are a startup, an agency, or an enterprise, let pay for itself on your first ad.


Improved conversion rates, included copy-writer and beautiful designs
just a few things our clients love!

What is a “Credit”

Credits are what you use to download each creative or banner that you generate on Depending on the package you select, you will have a set number of credits available to you each month. These credits renew every month and can be used to download your generated creatives.

What are “Brands”?

Brands are the foundation of your creatives on By creating a brand, you can upload your logo, brand colors, brand descriptions, and connect your ad accounts. This allows our machine-learning model to tailor your creative designs and predictions to your brand, ensuring the highest quality output.

What do you mean by “Unlimited Generations”?

With, you have the freedom to generate as many creatives as you want, regardless of whether you have used all your credits or not. You will only use your credits when you choose to download your generated creatives.

What are “Integrations”?

Integrations allow you to connect your ad accounts to your brands on This helps to fine-tune our machine-learning model for you, ensuring that the creative designs and predictions you see are specifically tailored to your brand.

What is “Unlimited Free Stock Images”?

With, you have access to over 100 million free stock images to use in your ad creatives. These images are included with every package, and you will not be charged any additional fees for their use.

What is “Text Generator AI”?

Our Text Generator AI feature allows you to generate high-converting ad texts and headlines using a variety of copywriting methodologies. This feature is included in every package at no additional cost.

What is “Creative Insights Pro”?

By connecting your ad accounts, our AI can analyze your creatives and provide you with insights that you won’t find anywhere else. These insights can include your average CTR in your brand category, your best-performing colors and creatives, and much more.

What is the “Number of Users”? believes that teamwork makes the dream work. That’s why we allow you to invite users to your account, collaborate on projects, and work together seamlessly to achieve your creative goals.

What is your refund policy?

At, we have a 100% refund policy! If something goes wrong, simply log in to our application and speak with our support team in the live support chat. In most cases, we process refunds on the same day. However, please keep in mind that depending on your country and bank, it may take a week or two for the refunded amount to appear in your account.


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Bring your ad creative game
to the next level with!

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