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Tufan Gok
December 16, 2022

A Quick and Easy Guide for Banner Advertisement

Did you know that AT&T was the company to create and implement banner advertisements displayed on way back in 1994?

You would be surprised if we were to tell you that the CTR or the Click Through Rate (which is one of the most sort-after metrics by advertisers) was 44%. Any passionate advertiser today would give an arm and a leg for that kind of CTR!

For context, the average click-through rate for Google Ads is only 3.17%! 

This ad was the foundation of the millions of banner advertisements you get to see today, in which every prospect (you and me) sees around 1700 ads per month! 

Let's find out more about banner advertisements, starting with the basics.

Banner Advertising- A Simple Explanation 

Banner ads are one of today's most common forms of online advertising. They are typically rectangular web page ads used to promote a product, service, or website. 

Banner ads are of these three main formats.

  1. Static- Static banner ads are simple images that do not move or change. They can be one of the most commonly used formats of ads and are called ad creatives or just creatives. They are either in PNG or JPEG formats. 
  2. Animated banner ads use animation and graphics to grab the viewer's attention. They can be GIF, HTML AMP, and HTML5.
  3. Interactive- Interactive banner ads allow the user to interact with the advertisement by playing a game or filling out a form.

A typical banner ad consists of a headline, copy, media (image/video), and a CTA button.

These different types of banner ads effectively promote a brand or product online. 

Now the question one must answer is what is the impact of using such advertisements for your business?

Are Banner Ads Effective for the Growth of Your Business?


As with any form of advertising, there is a remarkable degree of uncertainty. (Well, that holds for everything else in life as well!)

The effectiveness of banner ads can vary depending on several factors, such as 

The design of the ad - The most critical aspect of a banner ad is its aesthetic appeal and your message. If you, as a brand, can impact your prospect's minds, they will convert sooner or later. 

Designing an ad (or the ad creative, to be specific) that brings results is more complex than made to be believed by traditional graphic designing tools.

The target audience - Your target audience determines how well your advertisement will perform and how much money you will spend.

The target audience can be divided into demographics. It goes without saying that advertising in more developed countries would cost you more than in 3rd world countries.

However, where you advertise would also significantly impact the return on investment.

The next question you have to consider is who your target audience is. This can be based on your Ideal Customer Profile and all their traits. For example, if you sell science experiment kits for children, you may want to target moms between the age of 25-45.

Your overall marketing strategy is also the crucial driving force for making your business more money. A well crafted strategy can go a long way in ensuring that you are not only relevant and making money now, but also in the long run.

Some studies have shown that banner ads can effectively drive traffic to a website or increase brand awareness, while others have found that they are less effective than other forms of advertising. Ultimately, the effectiveness of banner ads will depend on the specific goals of the advertiser and how well the ad can engage the target audience.

ROAS and how to Maximize it?

ROAS stands for return on ad spend and is a way to measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. To maximize ROAS, you need to focus on increasing the revenue generated from your ads while minimizing the amount you spend on them. This can be done by targeting your ads to the right audience, using relevant and compelling ad copy, and optimizing your bidding strategy. It's also important to regularly monitor and analyze your campaigns to identify areas for improvement.

Cost of Advertising

Many factors can affect the price, such as the size of the ad, the website where it will be displayed, and the target audience. 

Banning ads can cost anywhere from a few dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the abovementioned factors. 

Additionally, some websites may offer packages or discounts for bulk purchases of banner ads. It's best to contact the website directly to discuss pricing and options for banner ads.

How Can You Create Static Banner Ads?

Tools like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop can take several hours to design an appealing creative. 

First, decide on the size and dimensions of your banner ad. 

Next, create a new document in your graphic design program using your selected measurements. 

Using tools and features in the program, make your banner ad design. It may include adding text, images, shapes, and other design elements. Once satisfied, save your banner ad and export it as an image file, which can display your banner ad on websites and other online platforms. 

But still, writing compelling copy is also half the battle left to fight; your copywriting team must get involved alongside the designers.

It is a sticky situation for modern advertisers and marketing teams, as it is time-consuming and requires effort and resources.

Tools like Canva have tried to address this problem by templatizing creatives and cutting down the time and effort involved by almost half! 

But wait, there's more good news! In 2022, came into existence, which can generate creatives by leveraging the power of AI and designing hundreds of ads in seconds!

Do's and Don'ts of Banner Advertisements-

  • Do:
  • Make your banner visually appealing and attention-grabbing. Use high-quality images and graphics; consider using animation to make your banner stand out.
  • Keep your banner simple and focused. Avoid cluttering your banner with too much text or too many images.
  • Use clear and concise language to convey your message. Avoid using jargon or complicated language that your audience might need help understanding.
  • Ensure your banner is the right size and format for the website or platform where it will be displayed. Different websites and media have additional requirements for banner ads, so make sure you know what those requirements are and create your banner accordingly.
  • Don't:
  • Don't use low-quality images or graphics. Your banner reflects your brand, so you must ensure it looks professional and polished.
  • Use only a little text. Most people won't take the time to read a long block of text on a banner ad, so keep your message short and to the point.
  • Don't use misleading or false information in your banner. Not only is this unethical, but it can also damage your reputation and turn potential customers away.
  • Remember to include a call to action. Make sure your call to action is clear and prominent. Your banner should encourage viewers to take action, whether visiting your website, signing up for your newsletter, or making a purchase.


Banner Ads may be attractive, witty, or blatantly annoying, but they impact our buying decisions. So your business must put in time and effort to ensure that you make the right impressions with your advertising.

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