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January 22, 2024

AI for Advertising: The Biggest AI Conference ever Existed for Advertising


AI is changing the way we do advertising, bringing about a significant shift that's set to redefine how things work in the industry. Leading this change is, where innovation and top-notch advertising come together. We're dedicated to staying ahead of the game, and we invite you to join us at the exciting AI for Advertising event - an online experience that's all set to shake things up.

Wondering why you should join us?

Well, circle January 25th on your calendar for a dive into the future of advertising at This free event is your chance to soak in knowledge from industry leaders, exploring how AI can boost your business strategies with real examples.

So, why attend?

1. Learn from the Best: Immerse yourself in the wisdom of those leading the way in AI for advertising.

2. Stay Updated on AI: Keep up with the latest innovations in AI-driven advertising strategies.

3. Practical Insights: Gain actionable tips that you can easily apply to your business, giving you a competitive edge in 2024 and beyond.

Here's a sneak peek into the stellar lineup awaiting you:


  • Estelle Giraudeau, Country Director
  • How AI has become part of our everyday life? What you can expect in 2024.

Estelle Giraudeau, Country Director at Google Customer Solutions France, is a transformative leader with a proven track record. She doubled business size at Club Med UKI and now propels Google's multi-billion-euro revenue business with double-digit growth. Estelle's expertise spans EMEA and Business Strategy, Digital & E-Commerce, and Brand Identity. As a thought leader and advisor to Skibro, she's shaping the future of advertising.

  • Tufan Gok - CEO,
  • Stay tuned for a revelation that will reshape the way you perceive AI in advertising.

Meet Tufan Gok, the CEO and Co-founder of, an AI visionary with a diverse background. Tufan founded GrowthYouNeed, a growth-hacking agency, in 2018 and co-founded ADYOUNEED in 2019 - an AI-powered advertising platform. Currently serving as CEO at, established in 2021, Tufan is an entrepreneur with a Mechanical Engineering degree and a background in Data Engineering. Certified in Facebook Blueprint, LinkedIn Marketing, Google Marketing Partner, Quora Advertising, and more, Tufan is a thought leader in AI-driven advertising.


  • Lindsey Edwards, Vice President Product Management
  • LinkedIn AI: Redefining Marketing and Work.

Meet Lindsey Edwards, a passionate product and business builder with over 14 years of leadership experience in technology companies. Lindsey's dynamic journey includes ten years dedicated to crafting and leading high-performing product teams. Resourceful, energetic, and creative, Lindsey excels in cross-functional collaboration to drive growth and revenue. With a unique blend of business insight and technical expertise, she navigates the full product lifecycle—from strategy and development to rollout and ongoing management. Lindsey is a seasoned innovator, recognized for exceptional communication skills and relationship management.

  • Brennan M. Woodruff, COO
  • How Multimodal AI Agents will change the modern advertising function.

Brennan Woodruff, the co-founder of, brings a decade of finance experience and a bold entrepreneurial spirit to the forefront. Inspired by the transformative potential of Generative AI, Brennan transitioned from roles at SoftBank’s Vision Funds, Uber’s IPO and New Products Incubator, to KPMG’s Deal Advisory groups in Chicago and New York.


  • Steve Sarner, Vice President Sales and Marketing
  • Creative AI Design Systems and Trends from Dribbble.

Steve Sarner, a seasoned digital sales and marketing professional, boasts a successful track record leading teams across early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies. A creative and strategic leader, Steve excels in core marketing disciplines, spanning growth, acquisition, branding, communications, and more. With a broad spectrum of experience in both sales and marketing, from B2B global enterprise systems to B2C brand advertising, Steve is a versatile force in the industry.

Markopolo AI

  • Rubaiyat F, COO
  • Predictive AI’s usage & impact in Advertising.

Rubaiyat F, a passionate advocate for solving SMBs' growth challenges through marketing automation, brings a wealth of experience in MarTech and AdTech domains. With a background in Project Management SaaS post-undergrad, Rubaiyat is a self-learned product and project manager, applying skills acquired through practical experience.

  • Sebastian Acevedo
  • Better creatives: what AI can and cannot do for brands today.

Meet Sebastian Acevedo, the visionary mind behind the AI revolution at Sebastian is on a mission to empower the world's best advertisers by creating an AI that elevates ad creation to new heights of ROI. combines deep learning and cognitive science to predict the branding and performance impact of ad creative. Sebastian's expertise lies in building cutting-edge AI solutions that redefine the advertising landscape.


  • Matti Yahav, Chief Marketing Officer at Fiverr
  • Uncover groundbreaking insights from Fiverr’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Matti Yahav, with over 20 years of marketing expertise, brings a wealth of experience to Fiverr. Having collaborated with global giants such as Lego, Disney, Nestle, and SodaStream, Matti's illustrious career includes over seven years on SodaStream's Global Management Team, five of which were as CMO. His visionary leadership has left an indelible mark on brand and business results.


  • Yahav Hartman, Co-Founder
  • Stay tuned for Yahav Hartman’s revelation—details coming soon.

Yahav Hartman, the driving force behind, is on a mission to reinvent how media is bought on walled gardens. With a focus on transforming the landscape of ad optimization, Yahav is reshaping the way businesses approach and succeed in their online advertising strategies.


  • Mattia Salvi, CEO
  • Augmented Analytics and Biometrics Data from AR Rich Media Ads.

Meet Mattia Salvi, an entrepreneur, advisor, and tech enthusiast. Today, he stands as the CEO and Co-Founder of Aryel, a SaaS platform revolutionizing the advertising landscape. Aryel empowers agencies and brands to create and scale top-notch ad campaigns using the transformative power of 3D and Augmented Reality rich media creatives. With over 1,000 organizations, including renowned names like Alpitour, Barilla, Volkswagen, and more, utilizing Aryel, the platform has gained global recognition. In 2021, Aryel secured a spot among the best 500 SaaS worldwide. Mattia, acknowledged in Forbes' Top 100 Under 30 in 2022, is not just a leader in technology but also an author and professor, contributing to the realm of augmented reality in marketing.

  • Colton Malkerson, Enterprise Director
  • How Generative AI can create more effective advertising and marketing campaigns.

Colton Malkerson, is a multifaceted professional excelling in enterprise sales, business development, operations, and corporate development. With a background as a Senior Account Manager at AWS, Colton played a pivotal role in helping Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) build, market, and sell with AWS. His expertise spans integrating native AWS services, devising joint marketing and co-selling campaigns, and addressing diverse business challenges.

Post-Event Recap

Jump into the most exciting moments and key takeaways from our game-changing AI for Advertising event. Discover the important things that are going to reshape the future of advertising. Dive into the engaging content participants interacted with during the live event – from insightful sessions to valuable discussions. After the event, you'll have the chance to revisit and explore all the captivating content that made this event an industry-defining experience.

Conclusion invites you to reflect on the profound impact of AI in advertising. This event isn't just about insights; it's a pivotal step forward in reshaping the industry landscape. Thank you for being part of the journey!

Ready to take the plunge into the future of advertising? Register now at and position yourself as a trailblazer in the future of advertising with AI for Advertising and

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