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Tufan Gok
September 1, 2021
Creative AI

Design ROI Focused Eye Catching Creatives With Artificial Intelligence Ad Automation

With the emergence of Creative AI, advertising creativity knows no bounds. Artificial Intelligence can artistically design optimized ad creatives and banners based on consumer data. Ai ad creative automation enables digital marketers to create countless variations of ad banners quickly.

Imagine, an AI writing hundreds of powerful, emotional, personalized, and high-converting ad copies. An AI which can decide the best image, font, color scheme, and copy for your ad banners all by itself. AI has turned every marketer’s dream into a reality.

In 2021, digital ad spending was reported at $455 billion globally with a forecast of going up to $645 billion by 2024.

Back in the day, marketing and advertisement were the biggest sources of burning cash because there was no method to quantify marketing strategies. John Wanamaker—a marketing pioneer, famously expressed his thoughts on advertising:

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.”

Now, it has become a scientific process. And marketers know exactly where the money is being spent and how to reduce the costs.

Marketers are leveraging the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and automation to run low-cost effective ad campaigns. Advertising platforms can collect demographics, impressions, views, and click-through rates. All of which makes advertisement a gold mine for AI.

Artificial Intelligence is the future of advertising.

A great ad creative has powerful visuals, a gripping ad copy, and a simple CTA. The goal of ad creative automation is to design high-performing ad banners with different variations of ad components. These AI-powered ad banners must be engaging and relevant to the audience while still maintaining brand consistency.

Before discussing what goes into making AI-powered ads, let’s have a look at how the marketers and consumers will benefit from ad creative automation.

Benefits of Using AI for Designing Dynamic Ad Creatives

Even the most experienced marketers can never guarantee a successful ad campaign. They use different tools and techniques to make their jobs easier and support the decision-making process.

In advertising, it is commonly said that one size never fits all. One ad banner cannot be used in different localities for targeting different types of audiences.

Normally, an advertising team containing copywriters, content writers, designers, and illustrators is needed, with a lot of time of their hands, to create different variations of ad creatives for different target audiences.

By tackling each of these issues, AI plays a vital role in improving the odds of launching a successful ad campaign.

Benefits of Using AI for Designing Dynamic Ad Creatives

Automated Ad Banner Generation

Marketers can leverage the predictive capabilities of AI by using past campaigns and their outcomes. Once an AI knows which campaigns were successful, it can automatically learn about each ad component that contributed to the campaign's success. Based on this learned experience, AI predicts the best combinations of ad creatives automatically.

Ad creative automation is carried out by considering all factors. For example, AI can learn which ad colors or fonts show better ad engagement during day time. Or if an ad banner would work well on the weekends. It can classify which customer segments are more inclined towards a particular ad design.

Quickly Design Ad Creative Variations

Artificial Intelligence allows marketers to run ad creative iterations quickly. Ad agencies do not need to rely on intuition or the hit-and-miss approach anymore. Using AI, they can design hundreds of optimized variations of an ad banner in a matter of seconds.

Show Personalized Ads to Consumers

Once we have different variations of ad banners, more personalized experiences can be provided to the customers. Various surveys indicate that approximately 80-90% of customers appeal to personalized shopping experiences. Most are willing to trade their preferences for personalized engagements.

Save Time and Perform More Experiments

AI improves the content generation speed drastically by cutting repetitive work. It allows ad agencies to perform more experiments and try limitless variations of ad content. It allows them to make better-informed decisions and quickly change if something is not working, saving some precious ad dollars and increasing revenue. In fact, Facebook Marketing Science Research conducted a survey which suggests:

"Advertisers that ran 15 experiments (versus none) in a given year see about a 30% higher ad performance that year; those that ran 15 experiments in the prior year see about a 45% increase in performance, highlighting the positive longer-term impact of this strategy."—Julian Runge, Facebook's Ads Research Team in Harvard Business Review

Scale Advertising Content Without Extra Financial Stress

AI can help to scale advertising campaigns. More audience and customer segments can be targeted without needing additional creative resources. Ad agencies only need to collect additional relevant data to fuel their AI engine. AI can learn the updated information and design more ad creatives quickly. Hence providing better localization and targeting the right audience with the right ad banners.

Needless to say, AI improves advertising ROI by reducing advertising overhead.

AI Techniques For Generating AI-Powered Ad Content

AI Techniques For Generating AI-Powered Ad Content

Creative automation tools are used in unison to design powerful and inspiring advertisements. Some AI tools are good at writing headlines and descriptions. Some are good at ad-targeting and personalization. While other tools can design and generate realistic images.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) are two powerful sub-domains of Deep Learning. NLP and NLG models can analyze headlines and ad copies to learn the context and messaging behind an advertisement. As an output, they can write modern and appealing ad copies.

One such tool is GPT-3 which is an enormously powerful NLP and NLG model. Trained on massive human language datasets, GPT-3 has 175 billion parameters. It can write new articles, blog posts, programming codes, and website landing pages. It has taken AI-produced copywriting to the next level. Most of the time the results of this model are indistinguishable from humans.

AI language translations model can generate content in different languages. Last year, Facebook AI introduced M2M-100, which can translate 100 languages. Various language translation tools are also available for helping marketers generate ads for international audiences.

Visual content is vital for the success of ad banners and digital creatives. Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) have revolutionized the artistic side of AI. GAN models can generate realistic images and videos. They have the power to generate beautiful human faces as well. Some brands are already using GAN-generated human-like models for their advertisements. GANs can save a lot of money between dresses, hair, makeup, model, and photoshoots.

A GPT-3 model named DALL.E is capable of generating new images based on the text description and captions. GPT-3 models are so simple that you only need to tell them what you want in plain English and they will generate relevant content.

AI recommendation systems are already quite famous. They can collect customer information to create AI-based customer profiles and recommend personalized content. The ads we see on the internet are all tailored to our personal preferences.

The rapidly progressing AI ecosystem has enabled immense innovations in the field of marketing and advertisement. Many companies are working on AI-powered advertising products. Some are matured while others are still in their infancy. These products use different AI models to perform various marketing tasks.

Generate AI Automated Converting Ad Banners Using

Generate AI Automated Converting Ad Banners Using—an AI-powered advertising platform is helping e-commerce businesses, startups, and ad agencies to design seamless ad creatives.

Our Machine Learning (ML) model is trained on thousands of high-converting ad creatives daily. The continuous improvement allows our model to generate ad creatives with up to 14X better conversion rates.

Using, marketers can generate dynamic ad banners easily. It is as simple as uploading the company logo, selecting brand colors, choosing the right ad size, writing some punchy headlines, and uploading your product image.

Our ML model will process all the ad assets and design aesthetically pleasing ad creatives within no time, giving you an unfair advantage over your competitors. The entire process is automated with the help of AI. AI decides where to position text and the product image. It maintains consistent branding by producing a crisp ad design based on your brand colors and font.’s Machine Learning model caters to all business industries. Businesses can automate their custom banner design process for their entire product catalog at the lowest prices.

Integration of AI in marketing and advertisement platforms has triggered the ad agencies to quickly adopt innovative solutions if they want to stand out in this heavily saturated industry. With more sophisticated AI products coming out every month, traditional advertisement is disappearing rapidly.

It does not mean that AI is going to completely replace the marketing teams. AI automation tools act as additional support for generating ideas. They don’t promise perfect ads. Human intervention is always needed for fine-tuning and finesse.

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