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Tufan Gok
November 16, 2022
Creative AI

How to Automate Canva and Generate Hundreds of Designs using Creative Automation

If you're reading this, chances are you're a part of the rat race. And if you want to survive here, you have to run! In this run, stage deadlines seem to be permanently stuck behind our backs. One has to fulfill those deadlines. At times it can be quite vexing, especially in creative work. To top it all, you would want to maintain the expected standard and meet the deadline simultaneously.

If you were to analyze some of the top-ranked content, it uses many images, which helps rank in SEO.

The best and most relevant photos are the key to ranking best!

So back to the main topic, if the software you're using is automated and you don't need to do much work, it will also save you time to meet your deadline. Sounds great, right? Yes, it is possible! Most people refer to Canva to create outstanding images for their content, but it takes much time to make one or two images. So we've come up with a solution here.

It's like Canva but with an automated version, which will help every person as a beginner create images using the software. This automated Canva is

What is Canva?

What is Canva?

Source- Canva

A program for the graphic design called Canva aims to simplify the digital design process. As a result, setting up an account is simple, and everything functions on iOS and Android applications and through a web browser.

With a straightforward drag-and-drop user interface suitable even for novice users, Canva enables image editing and project-based learning. It offers a wide range of possible applications in the classroom, from collaborative group brainstorming to the development of individual projects.

We can do the most demanding image-based projects on computers with Canva's Chromebook optimization for fluid interaction.

Why do companies try to Automate Canva?

Companies have many requirements, so they try to automate Canva. We will be discussing all of them in this part:

Why do companies try to Automate Canva?

Make time-saving efforts for your designers.

The designers will save a lot more time if Canva can be automated since they must create designs in mass, and if Canva is automated, it can create designs in volume. For example you will be able to generate social media posts in a instant. If you make your creatives with software like Canva, you can complete one campaign throughout the weekend. However, it will take 10 to 15 minutes to create something outstanding utilizing software like; it's like Canva but in an automated version.

You can be an expert designer.

Anyone can utilize Canva if it is automated; a skilled graphic designer is unnecessary. Anyone can manage that very simply.

AI can help you unleash your creativity.

With the assistance of artificial intelligence, they may combine their expertise and originality in this situation. Because businesses are aware of the potential of AI when combined with creativity.

For many channels, select from pre-made templates and pre-set sizes.

Companies will be able to select from a wide variety of templates that are already included in the program if Canva is automated. They are free to alter as they see fit. They can adjust the sizes of the visuals and edit the pictures.

Create now and publish later using scheduling

One can plan according to their needs. We can create images, save them to a device for later use, and use them at the appointed time. As you are aware, launching a Performance Max campaign requires you to provide Assets (headlines, descriptions, and creative banners), which may take hours. If you utilize tools like Canva, however, can help you save much time.

With team access, you may comment and work rate together.

Members within the design, marketing, or growth team can contribute and remark effortlessly using the team access option in the program if it is automated.

How to Automate Canva?

Excellent design generates great profit, as is well known. It may be difficult and expensive for marketing and PR professionals to create visuals for campaigns or other purposes. Using, you can quickly produce hundreds of compelling ad creatives and copy. This way, you automate Canva the other but more efficient AI way.

Use Canva Automate Maker

Automate the creation of various variations for your Canva designs using variables, then download them from automatically.

Use Canva Automate Maker

An excellent resource for print-on-demand is Canva Automate Maker (POD). An application for Canva's batch design that is available as a chrome extension. On, you can construct a template design, designate the content variables to be replaced, and then fill in the templated variables with variables in a CSV structured file. One by one, they will be automatically generated and downloaded.

It is ideal for designers working with print-on-demand (POD) platforms, like Merch by Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing, RedBubble, Shopify, etc. It's suitable for influencers or marketers that need to produce a range of scalable visuals for social media or marketing campaigns.


  • Automated Designs indefinitely
  • Many different variable markers
  • Fully automatic make and download
  • Organization Subdirectory Download

Make all of the photos cohesive.

You know how branding functions in writing: An identity is developed by fostering consistency in a brand's messaging. If there are clear standards for branding image production, such as those that specify what colors to utilize, this may be made simpler. If this is impossible, select a collection of universal components for your photos while keeping the brand's identity in mind.

Acquire the skill of wise resource usage

Do you have an excellent, high-resolution photo to include in your graphic? Have no pictures at all? For both of those issues, a simple solution exists.

We can enlarge Low-resolution photos to the required size without losing quality, but they will seem grainy otherwise.

Use contrast to your advantage.

Use the contrast principle to draw attention to your image's most crucial statements. Make particular text or images stand out by using contrasting sizes and colors and marketing a business event on social media. Try putting a shape in front of the hashtag that contrasts with the background color so that it stands out to everyone who glances at it. Make critical information more prominent and use colors that stand out more against the image's prevailing hues.

Just the most pertinent messages, please.

When in doubt, keep it basic with your image. Compared to other writing, visuals for promotions, such as commercials or social media photos, typically resemble pitches more. Keep your message brief and to the point, and start with the information that will be most enticing or significant to the reader. Infographics are one type of picture that is "allowed" to include much more information than other types of visuals. Consider these visuals as being more akin to in-depth writing styles.

Why is the perfect solution?

AdCreative AI vs Canva | Ad Banners

Why is the perfect solution?

It might be as easy as sending an automated reply to recognize that you have received a customer's email and are working on the issue. Alternatively, it might handle more challenging tasks like hiring, payroll administration, developing sales projections, managing invoices, document approval, and payments.

Your organization may profit from automation in a variety of ways. And these are some of the facts why AdCreative is the perfect solution. For instance:

Saves your time

Employees have more time to concentrate on the more excellent picture since they don't have to spend as much time on mundane administrative duties that are repetitive and, let's face it, frequently dull. Additionally, automation completes numerous jobs considerably more quickly than human labor could, and since robots don't need to stop for coffee or lunch, they can work continuously. Also, you can save a lot of time on just resizing ad formats on demanding campaigns such as Google Performance Max

It boosts effectiveness

Humans function less near-perfectly than machines do. Because we created automation to work strictly with predetermined regulations, there is less room for error. Of course, we may need someone to identify the solution if a unique challenge emerges. To "learn" from manual procedures, the automation software may gather data and examine these circumstances, enabling it to adjust should similar events occur.

It harmonizes procedures

Do you know how having too many cooks in the kitchen can ruin the broth? A task might become more complicated to complete as more individuals are involved. Automation reduces the chance of error by standardizing the processes within the business.

Decreases your errors

We can make errors because we are human and are prone to distraction, disorganization, hunger, and other human flaws. Automation lowers the likelihood of a mistake, which may help you save time and money. Automation also gives workers more time, which provides them with more room to cope with errors when they do occur. According to management consulting firm Gartner, robotic process automation may spare financial teams up to 25,000 hours of work redoing due to human mistakes, equating to a cost reduction of almost US$878,000.

In turn, productivity rises.

We can accomplish more in a given period because automation technologies can work more quickly and continuously.

It raises employee contentment.

According to a Salesforce poll of 773 automation users in the US, 89% were happier with their jobs, and 84% were more satisfied with the organization due to adopting automation at work. It is fantastic news for the company from a human resources perspective since happy people are more productive, more willing to solve problems creatively, and less likely to go for new pastures. Employees may spend more time doing jobs they like since automation can take away those monotonous, repetitive chores that are killing their souls.

A paperless paper trail is left behind.

A paper trail is crucial in business to demonstrate events' what, when, and how. It is essential for corporate audits, fixing mistakes, and figuring out how to make processes run more smoothly. Every stage of the process may be automatically documented thanks to automation digitally, giving you the crucial paper trail without using any actual paper. The trees get to live another day while you obtain auditable documents.

It increases adherence

You may increase the amount of supervision and control using business process automation solutions. By doing this, you may gain better security and confidentiality protection, making it simpler to adhere to regulatory standards, such as those in the financial or healthcare industries.

It raises the net income.

In the end, automation helps your financial situation significantly. You can do more within a given time because the processes are more efficient, and more productivity translates into higher profits. The salary you would have paid a human employee to complete these duties more slowly and inefficiently may be avoided simultaneously, saving you money. Error reduction leads to more significant savings. Your bottom line will have a wider profit margin and more money available for business expansion when more profits are matched with decreased costs. You see, the machines aren't that terrifying.


Canva was an excellent tool that, when launched, saved a lot of time and effort for creative teams the world over. However, new products replace the established ones if they offer more value. is one such product that is all set to dethrone Canva as the top design tool in the world!

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