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Tufan Gok
December 12, 2022
Creative AI

Marpipe 2022 Review, Pricing & The Best Alternative in Creative Automation

Digital advertising has gained significant traction recently, and eMarketer predicted that global ad expenditure would exceed $500 billion in 2022. Performance marketers aggressively compete for the most valuable ad inventory to increase their return on investment.

Marketers use Mapripe to optimize their multichannel social ad strategy. Here, we'll discuss this tool, it's pricing, and alternatives.

What is Marpipe?

Marpipe is a tool for creative testing that enables companies to quickly develop thousands of ad variants, launch them across numerous platforms, and gain real-time insights about each of them. 

The platform makes it simple for businesses to establish ad versions automatically through straightforward drag-and-drop functionality. The platform can produce up to 1500 adverts at once!

Source- Adexchanger

Additionally, it offers an Adobe XD plugin where users may access all of Marpipe's functionality in one location. Users may manage ad rollout via the platform's lone interface. With only a few clicks, it offers split testing for up to 1500 advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. The technology also automates the manual uploading and duplicating of ads. 

How does Marpipe do Creative Automation?

Multivariate testing of advertisements is straightforward in theory; it is the scientific technique used with creativity.

Creating and testing many commercials for any marketing or advertising organization is challenging. The process of developing new versions and tracking data might be overwhelming.

So here are some excellent tips to get you started: 

Spend time defining your marketing objectives.

Consider what you want to achieve before diving deep into multivariate ad testing. What would you like to learn from the next test?

What aspect(s) of the brand or company do we need to improve with better ad creatives and create the most?

The answer depends on the level of development, long-term growth objectives, and go-to-market plan of your company. Here are a few instances:

  • Prospecting: It's only sometimes the case that what works best for current consumers will also work for new ones. You may uncover the most effective ad creative by using ad testing to attract new customers to your company.
  • Keeping current clients: Run ad tests after consumers make their first purchase to identify the ad concept that keeps them coming back.
  • Introducing new merchandise and product lines: Ensure the success of your new product lines and product categories. Find effective adverts that encourage consumers to buy your most recent offers.
  • Testing seasonal themes and messages: Discover which advertisements are most effective at luring customers to your year's significant bargains and deals.

Large-scale automated testing

Multivariate testing is quite challenging to carry out at any scale without some automation in place.

Manually designing and resizing every ad version is time-consuming, may cause fatigue, and detracts from more strategic creative innovation.

Multivariate testing is successful when scaled by automation. 

Automated multivariate ad testing technologies take care of the tedious work for you, from creating every conceivable ad variation to organizing the target audience, spending limit, and campaign locations, as well as distributing the spend equally across all ad variations. 

Marpipe Reviews


  1. - Excellent work-life balance.
  2. - Welcoming and diverse staff.
  3. -Professional and personal development.
  4. - Transparency on accomplishments, difficulties, and procedures
  5. - Prioritizes demands and problems
  6. - Values each person's input and participation.
  7. -  Very helpful and willing to share expertise; 
  8. -No micromanagement
  9. - Employees are trusted to finish our work; no scapegoating; emphasis on the accountability of the entire team. 
  10. - Many prospects for job advancement and lots of fantastic stuff to build!
  11. - Quick to recognize problems and act - One can don many hats to test your talents
  12. - Complete isolation (NYC office is available for on-site work environment)
  13. - A healthy work-life balance (CEO demands at least two weeks off a year!)
  14. - Indefinite PTO


  1. - Everyday startup life (Wearing lots of hats, lean teams, lack of rigid structure, etc. - nothing too severe or unexpected).
  2. - The 401(k) has no match.
  3. - Trying to learn everything during the first few weeks of onboarding can be challenging.
  4. - You must wear many hats with a lean team and prioritize while establishing rules and guidelines.
  5. - Like many early-stage startups, the company is creating many processes as they go, which can be challenging for people who require a lot of structure.
  6. - Any startup will experience growing pains, but the leadership is very open about what we do to get beyond them.

Marpipe Pricing in 2022

Marpipe has two pricing options that are multivariate testing and enriched catalogs.

Pricing for Marpipe's Multivariate Testing:

Multivariate testing measures the performance of every possible combination of creative variables. Variables are any single element within an ad — images, headlines, logo variations, calls to action, etc.

Pro - Unlimited Self-Service Imaging - $ 2,999/month for an Annual subscription.

Pro - Unlimited Self-Service Imaging - $ 5,499/month for three months subscription.

Deals on Marpipe- Source- EasyShark

Pricing for Marpipe's Enriched Catalogs:

Marpipe's pricing for their enriched catalogs is based on the count of SKUs. They encourage brands to try their enriched catalogs risk-free. They assure to boost their DPA performance or pay nothing.

Here's how you can measure the performance: Every brand has a unique KPI. When you launch, you set your own KPI by selecting a Campaign Type, and their analytics revolve around the KPI you’ve chosen.

Marpipe Alternative:

With a wide range of content solutions and a growing collection of more than 30 million visual assets, is an AI platform that creates data-driven ad creatives which are also visually attractive., a rapidly expanding Paris-based business, has partnered with iStock to provide a platform where marketers can access millions of premium visual assets and the power of AI to produce eye-catching commercials in a matter of seconds. 

Testing advertisements

You must always test to succeed in advertising campaigns. Multivariate testing establishes the ideal feedback loop, educating and informing your team as you identify your top-performing ad creatives.

Your brand's advertising is the first thing a potential customer will associate with. It's similar to a brand introduction, showing her what your company can achieve for her.

It also influences the thoughts, emotions, interactions, clicks, visits, and ultimately purchases customers make on your website.

Therefore, testing advertisements is crucial for developing brands and companies.

We'll thus observe how AdCreative tests its ads here.

But the reason is why?

  • Ad testing enables you to maximize the return on your advertising investment and continually enhance ad effectiveness.
  • You can discover the engagement, clicks, and sales your target audience responds to the most favorably.

Introducing user security features, such as iOS 14 ATT, GDPR, and CCPA, has made conventional audience targeting less accurate. Companies must examine their advertisements now more frequently than ever. Before that, you could try out a few creatives, pick the best ones, and launch them.

Additionally, because platforms like Facebook now receive and transmit much less data than they did in the past, it will take longer to identify which advertisements are running on those platforms.

Additionally, because platforms like Facebook now receive and transmit much less data than they did in the past, it will take longer to identify which advertisements are running on those platforms.

It is more crucial than ever to be inventive as your targeting becomes less accurate and your response time increases. So, for this reason-

  • No longer can you count on the most significant prospective clients to notice your advertisement.
  • In addition to having a larger audience, many consumers need to be more interested in your brand or its offer.
  • Because they might lose so many impressions, they create a meaningless measure.
  • It's crucial to arrive soon. Your campaign will move more slowly the more away the subgroup you wish to target is from your ad.
  • Growth slowed down as they put off conversations.
  • Super-resonant commercials are necessary if you want to reach a large audience.
  • The secret is to rapidly locate an advertisement that meets your target market while staying within your price range.

Multivariate testing (MVT) and A/B testing are the two primary techniques used in advertisement testing. Both methods help us learn about advertisements and aim to measure advertising performance (conversions, engagement, etc.)

The AI Multivariate Testing Superpower

With multivariate testing, the impact of each inventive variable combination is measured. Human biases may cause us to overlook some criteria, but machines are unaffected. As a result, an AI is capable of making sensible judgments.

One such tool created by the team is Creative Insights.

But the question remains the same, why would you choose AdCreative?

Utilize automated creatives to save time.

The adage "Time is our most valuable commodity" has been overused. But It's true; we have run out of time. Making the most of our time is the best action we can perform.

When pursuing objectives that require high-volume labor without compromising quality, banner ad automation makes it simpler to develop creatives at scale. It would generally take the average business weeks to create hundreds of different ad versions, but a platform like can do it in approximately two minutes.

You must publish these banner versions on various sites once they are available to reach your target. Because interacts with Google and Facebook Ad accounts, customers may also automate the publication of social media ads.

In 2022, increase conversion rates with innovative automation technologies.

When evaluating the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, marketing professionals frequently look at conversion rates as a typical KPI (key performance indicator). Your marketing success measures must be optimized and audited, but it can take time to review all the information.

A scaled-up analysis of millions of data points using a creative automation technology like reveals trends that improve your design. With the help of robust AI algorithms, you can apply best practices to your advertising, such as using eye-catching background photos, strategically placing your brand, and writing stellar ad copy.

Make your banner ad placements flawless with automation.

If you want to promote successfully across many platforms, flexibility is essential.

Consider ad placement to avoid unnecessarily stretched, cropped, or fuzzy visuals. Thousands of individuals scrolled through your advertisement before you realized the error, which may have made them dissatisfied with your company.

It's crucial to modify the size of your banner based on where it will be shown to prevent this catastrophe. To automatically resize photos for each platform, use

The good thing is that optimizing your ad banner for different platforms merely only a few clicks.

The good thing is that optimizing your ad banner for other platforms simply only a few clicks. automatically adapts the resolution and arrangement of your visuals and text to appear suitable and work properly.

Save money with automated ad banners.

The cost of social media advertising to businesses has doubled globally and is rising yearly. AI-powered marketing enables you to save money by reducing wasteful expenditure so that every dollar you spend is worthwhile.

AI technology can assist in reducing mistakes. It costs money each time you change a design or start from scratch. Errors are inevitable when time and resources are few.

Automated creatives save you money and enable you to make the most of your resources. With clever automation technologies, you may complete an identical task in a few minutes. Usually, it would take weeks to create hundreds of ad versions, not to mention the enormous expense of hiring experienced designers.

Maintain scale-based consistency in your brand's appearance and feel

Especially at scale, keeping brand consistency is a significant challenge for many firms. It may be challenging when you want enough creative variety to avoid becoming monotonous and feel like you are spreading yourself too thin across several platforms and marketplaces.

Finding the ideal balance can be challenging, but statistics highlight brand consistency's importance. Even if you have outstanding images, your campaign will only succeed if your audience recognizes your brand. makes it simple to customize your brand's colors and typography to create optimal banner advertisements that look the same on several devices.

Scaling will be more challenging if you're continually manually modifying advertising without using creative automation technologies. But given your past experiences, I assume you already know that. 


It would be best if you had a solution that can create assets with excellent performance and creativity while saving you time and money. takes care of everything automatically, freeing your time so you can concentrate on expanding your company.

Most modern ad production technologies are challenging for beginners, making it hard for individuals and small businesses to produce effective commercials without spending tens of thousands of dollars on design or development firms.

Small companies may employ Al-powered design on the platform without prior design knowledge. You need to provide the text you want your advertisement to include; AdCreative Al will take care of the rest.

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