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Tufan Gok
November 13, 2022
Creative AI

Smartly 2022 Review & Pricing & The Best Alternative in Creative Automation

Recent years have seen a rapid increase in interest in digital advertising, and according to eMarketer, worldwide ad spending topped US$455 billion in 2021. Performance marketers are furiously bidding for the most significant ad inventory to maximize their return on investment.

When it comes to maximizing their multichannel social ad strategy, marketers often turn to Here we'll talk about pricing and alternatives.

What is

What is


A creative management tool called automates each stage of the social advertising process, allowing management to create and execute engaging experiences across various social media platforms. Offering its creative automation tools and templates aids in exponentially boosting the brand's content and market worth. With the help of its clever technologies, it immediately publishes adverts in various forms across several social media networks and enables dynamic real-time updating of your ads. Users may monitor performance and gather insightful data about their brands. It incorporates your creativity, data, and media into an intelligent cloud to foster development, improve brand performance, and offer a comprehensive cross-platform strategy to raise your performance graph.

How does Creative Automation?

A link between exact measurement and understanding of the creative performance is necessary to enhance the process of generating creatives and ad performance. Due to's comprehensive integration with measurement providers and partners, clients and brands may more efficiently monetize their investments, improve the relevancy of their impressions, and fortify their bonds with customers.

Smartly Reviews (User Reviews from Review Websites)


  • I appreciate the customer assistance is above what is offered on the market. I haven't seen anything with a shorter response time or service level agreement. The user interface is simple to learn. In the first three weeks after launch, our Facebook campaign's success jumped by 37%.  
  • By enabling ad buyers to produce copy variants at scale, Smartly is incredibly helpful for teams who are short on time when developing paid social advertising at scale. The reporting visualization features every day save many hours. For international brands, using Smartly is a no-brainer.
  • Your Facebook ad campaign becomes more potent as a result of this. Additionally, you can copy and paste the campaign and make modifications as needed without going through the same process twice.
  • When teams are pressed for time and need to produce paid social advertising at scale, Smartly is quite helpful since it allows ad buyers to have copy variants at scale. The reporting visualization features save daily hours. It makes sense to use it wisely.


  • Must investigate the brief delays brought on by bugs since they make it harder to achieve deadlines.
  • When a feed reprocesses fails, sometimes the explanation is complete jargon and illegible.
  • UI is rather clunky and I think it could be designed in a more user-friendly flow.
  • Ad scheduling is a significant hassle. Making regulations only sometimes appears to be dependable. Client brands would benefit immensely from the ability to schedule advertising at the ad level, even inside feeds and within campaign management views.

Smartly Pricing in 2022

Smartly Pricing in 2022

Source- G2

Smartly Alternative:, Much More affordable and User-Friendly

There are several problems inherent with modern marketing automation. Designing highly effective ad creatives is one of them. Marketers may gain from creating ads utilizing Ai and automation in the following ways.

  • Ad banners may be generated automatically using AI. The designers can modify the produced ad creatives slightly, who then approve the finished designs.
  • AI and automation may accelerate the design process by instantly creating many different and creative alternatives.
  • Marketing professionals may target clients with customized advertising based on their tastes, thanks to the wide variety of creative ad options available.
  • To swiftly determine the precise ad creatives that work for their products and consumers, marketers may efficiently run several A/B trials.
  • Marketers can grow advertising material more rapidly at a more incredible speed.’s  Promise To Improve Your Advertising’s  Promise To Improve Your Advertising’s objective is to provide excellent automation solution for marketers and advertisers. We want to create a user-friendly platform that makes it simple for businesses to expand by quickly producing hundreds of creatives. promises seamless designs and more effective advertisements.

We go above and beyond to create upgrades for our systems to fulfill our commitment. By gathering user metrics and high-converting ad creatives, our artificial intelligence engine continues to get better. It keeps us informed about the market and consumer trends.

We regularly include new features in your all-in-one ad creative automation solution based on your input.

It would take a fraction of the time without automation or artificial intelligence. wants to make your concept a reality. We work to reduce time-consuming, repetitive procedures from the ad creative design process so that you have more freedom and time to concentrate on important choices that will help your organization flourish.

We are aware of the difficulties in starting and expanding a business. We approach our work from your point of view and develop our platform to assist your company in maximizing revenues and growing to the size you require. Our success depends on you. does information analysis more quickly and correctly than a team of marketing experts!

Artificial intelligence enables the analysis of data points to comprehend why specific ad creatives are successful and learns the ideal way to build the call-to-action size, texts, typefaces, backdrop, overall feel, color saturation, and more.

All this information optimizes the return on investment for marketers to generate templates while learning and adjusting continually. learns the ideal positioning for elements like text and graphics through this method.

The marketing and advertising industries are evolving due to sophisticated artificial intelligence integration. Traditional marketing is beginning to fade due to the quick advancement of AI automation solutions. Companies must remain competitive as consumer needs and expectations rise.

Pros and Cons of List


  • It produces high-quality ad creatives quickly.
  • It automatically recognizes the colors of your logo and creates your creatives using your brand's colors.
  • It produces copy for advertising campaigns.
  • It is compatible with Google and Facebook ad accounts.
  • By rating items from 1 to 100, it offers you an indication of which is the best.
  • It is compatible with Google Analytics integration.
  • It offers you creative insight, making it easier to choose which works effectively.
  • Simple dashboard: it's user-friendly for all skill levels.
  • Several advertisers use
  • They provide excellent assistance and customer service.
  • Google provides you a free $500 ad credit once you spend $500 on advertisements.
  • A 7-day free trial is available. Cancel at any time.


  • For owners of small businesses especially in third world countries, it is pricey.
  • Currently, it can currently only be integrated with Facebook and Google Ads accounts.

Function of

You know what the tool can achieve for you. We'll now walk through the step-by-step process of using to create banner and text ad creatives.

That's a 7-day free trial package to test the website and see how it functions, as shown in my screenshot below. I'll provide you the free trial link once you watch the tutorial so you can test out the website's risk-free trial offer. may be used efficiently. The dashboard is modern, so using the tool doesn't require special knowledge or skills. The most fantastic demo is available here if you need to see precisely how the program operates.

Main Features of

Here are all the main features of We will go through the main features of this program and how you can use them to create and manage your ad creatives.

A welcoming and modern dashboard

The smoothest. The dashboard design on the website is appealing. The website is easy to navigate, and the colors are pleasing.

Overall, the website is the fastest, smoothest, and most attractive. That will enable people unfamiliar with the program to utilize it efficiently.

Facebook and Google ads are the two ad networks that can interact with.

And if you don't already have one, you can make one. You receive benefits by using to sign up for a Google Advertisements account, such as ads credit.

Creating Original Work's primary function is to produce ad creatives using the data you provide as input. As I said, it creates those ad creatives using an AI model that has been adequately trained.

They have a highly appealing and expert-looking creative design. They improve ad campaigns' conversion and CTR.

Creation of Ad Copies

Creation of Ad Copies

Although the tool is geared toward producing banner ads, you can also write amazing ad copies for your advertising campaigns.

Compared to other options I've examined in the past, produces excellent outcomes. AI-written copies, however, always require assistance from humans.

Thousands of Copyright-Free Stock Photos

Thousands of Copyright-Free Stock Photos and iStock by Getty Images have teamed up to produce striking ad creatives. With a growing collection of over 486 million visual assets and the most significant source and marketplace for graphic material, Getty Images offers a wide range of content options.

Banner advertisements must have images! Advertisers may utilize AI to quickly produce stunning ad creatives when they have access to millions of high-quality visual assets!

Evaluation of Creative Quality

Compared to other AI creative generation programs, this one has a specialization. One of its specialties is its ability to assign grades to final and innovative concepts.

This tool has produced several ad creatives in the past; therefore, based on that knowledge, it rates the design's potential to boost conversions on a scale of 1-100. So you may choose those who receive a higher rating.

Integration of Google Analytics

It can integrate with Google Analytics to obtain information about your ads, including CTR and conversion rate. From the interface, you can quickly connect your Analytics account.

It is a crucial element that helps marketers identify which campaigns convert and require work. It will be simple to increase the conversion rate of the advertising campaign once you are aware of such statistics.

Extension for Color Picker (Free)

Extension for Color Picker (Free)

This free addon performs some intriguing things. It's a Google plugin from called Color Picker. May obtain hex code via scanning. If you like the color on websites, find the color hex code.

It can also scan CSS to retrieve all color codes for you. Therefore, you may browse websites with this application to get all the color codes you need for your advertising creatives or other designs.

Free $500 Google Ads Credit

Free $500 Google Ads Credit

They work closely and productively with Google. Google will offer you $500 in free ad credit if you go to the Google Ad Account section of the dashboard and create an Ad account.

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