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Tufan Gok
May 3, 2022
Creative AI

Why We Created And How It Works

What Does Adcreative.Ai Have To Do With Ad Creative And Artificial Intelligence?

Launched in 2021, is a team of 30 people globally with a shared vision to bring cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to the market through extensive research and development. We are a startup based in Paris and recognized as an innovation company by the French government.

As a startup, we understand the obstacles that come with building and growing a business. Our team is working hard every day to ensure you have the best artificial intelligence marketing tools to get your products and services seen by the right people.

Our mission, simply put, is to help businesses scale by taking their ad creatives to the next level. Our purpose is to make our artificial intelligence technology and algorithms available to the world to create high-performing ad creatives that connect with an audience.

Why Did We Build is designed to convert your best prospects into buyers.

We realized that too many businesses struggled with staying connected to their audiences as they grew. The biggest challenge was generating content and ad creatives to keep up with that growth. Too often, we see businesses lose touch with their consumers because they are so focused on creating content for the sake of creating content.

We conducted extensive research with 25 senior developers and data engineers, working hard for 12 months to build a platform that solves this issue for business owners. We wanted something that would guarantee high-performing ads without losing the feel and emotions that come with quality design.

In November 2021, went live and has been helping create high-volume, high-converting ads ever since.

We want to bring it back to basics and simplify the process. No more waiting weeks upon weeks for your ad creatives to go through the design and market research process. takes your ideas and inputs to build out your ad campaign without all the headaches.

Our Promise To Elevate Your Ad Creatives

Our goal is to create the best AI-powered automation tool for business owners. We want to build a user-friendly platform and make it easy for companies to scale by generating hundreds of creatives in record time. guarantees seamless designs and higher converting ads.

To deliver on our promise, we push the envelope to develop and build updates to improve our systems. Our artificial intelligence engine keeps improving by collecting high-converting ad creatives and user analytics. This helps keep us up-to-date with the industry and consumer trends.

We continuously take your feedback and incorporate new features into your all-in-one ad creative automation tool.

We want to turn your vision into a reality in a fraction of the time it would take without automation or artificial intelligence. We strive to eliminate tedious, repetitive tasks in the ad creative design process, giving you more freedom and time to focus on higher-level decisions to grow your business.

We understand the challenges that come with building a startup and growing a company. We approach our work from your perspective and improve our platform to help your business maximize profits and scale to the level you need to be. Your success is our success.

What About The GDPR And Privacy?

Privacy means everything to us. Since we are based in France and are within Europe, the GDPR applies to us. The GDPR, or the EU General Data Protection Regulation, is a privacy and security regulation that protects and empowers all EU citizens and their data. The GDPR ensures that people have control over their data.

At, we take the GDPR very seriously and pride ourselves on ensuring your privacy is safe. Everything you do on our platform, including your payment details and projects, is 100% encrypted and anonymous. identifies all personal data being processed and makes clear its intent for the usage of all collected data. We have implemented systems and procedures to keep your data private to the point that even our developers cannot access this information.

Given how vital GDPR is for our users, partners, and stakeholders, we strive to be open and transparent with everyone.

How Does Artificial Intelligence In Marketing Work? leverages AI machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) to continuously improve and adapt to the ever-changing digital economy. These artificial intelligence training models make sure stays ahead of the curve to guarantee that your ads perform and convert.

All you have to do is connect your advertising accounts, upload your graphics and text, choose your brand colors, and let do the rest.

Let’s get into how all of this is even possible.

Our AI-powered engine has access to millions of consumer data points and over 200,000 ad accounts.

Since launched, our AI-powered marketing tool has generated and tracked the progress of over a million banners and ads!

Data is the centerpiece of how our artificial intelligence continuously learns and adapts to optimize your ads.

Unfortunately, advertising is never a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. The more personalized your ad creative is for your audience, the better. knows how to optimize your banners to tailor them to your needs—and those of your consumers. analyzes information faster and more accurately than a team of marketing professionals.

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to analyze data points to understand why certain ad creatives work and learns how to best design the size of the call-to-action, texts, fonts, background, overall feel, color saturation, and more.

All this information is used to create templates while continuously learning and adapting to maximize advertisers’ return on investment. Through this process, understands the best way to position things like text and images.

Sophisticated artificial intelligence integration into marketing and advertising is changing the industry. Consumer demands and expectations continue to grow, and companies need to stay competitive. With AI automation tools rapidly advancing, traditional marketing is starting to disappear.

We are confident that will elevate your business.

You won’t regret taking advantage of a free trial today!

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