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Tufan Gok
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February 20, 2023
Growth Hack

How to make the most of’s 3 core features for your business?


In this video, we will generate conversion-focused ad creatives using Ad Creative AI. 

And on top of that, we will be developing social media post creatives and writing ad text or ad copies within the same tool. 

So we don't need another tool to create all our paid advertising campaigns from A to Z. So, let's start and dive in.

Initial Steps

When you log in to, you must first create your brand. 

Your brand is simple: name, logo, colors, and description. So when you do these things, your brand is ready. But if you want to go further, you can connect your ad accounts, such as Facebook Ads. So your creatives are more personalized and predictions more personalized. Moreover, you can also push your ad accounts directly to the platforms, so you don't have to download them here and upload them again. And we have more integrations coming in the following updates.

Use the Generate Button for all your projects (Ad/Social/Text)

Creating Winning Ads

So here, I have already created an brand. Now what I'm going to do today is to click on Generate Button- select Ad Creatives, and I'm going to generate ad creatives for my company. 

You have two choices here.

  1. Social media sizes and 
  2. Display sizes. 

Today I'm going to be generating Facebook or Instagram ads. So square format is going to work for me.

Since we are advertising for, I will put our target audience as advertisers. 

But if you're promoting on Display Platform or any other platform that requires display sizes, you have all the sizes on the display format. 

So for this one, you will see that the project description and target audience are there too. 

My project description comes from the brand description. 

If you want to change it, you can from the project description section and adjust your target audience from the provided section.

Writing the content with Ai (or manually)

So the next step is about filling in the content using Ai or manual entry. You can use our Ai to write brilliant ad copies that are up-to-date with the best practices in the industry.

Click on the Text AI button to generate conversion-focused headlines and punchlines quickly.

It also gives you several options to choose from in the drop-down. 

Selecting the right background image/s

Once my content is ready, I have two choices. The first option is to choose an image from our image library or upload my own. 

The second choice is, if you have an extensive product catalog for hundreds of different products or different products or backgrounds, you want to generate some creatives for each one simultaneously.

For this example, I will go with one image. I will write about social media since we are advertising for social media, and this image looks good; I will select that one, which is a lot of social media platforms there. I will use the image search engine, which currently has millions of images.

So I will name my project and click on Save and Generate, and I'm ready to go. The platform knows about my brand, brand description, ad accounts, project description, and Target Audience. will use all this information to generate conversion focus ad creatives ready to be downloaded and used on any other platform. 

There are a couple of hundred creatives generated in no time. The more you scroll, the more creatives you'll see. 

And if you're happy with one of them, like this creative here, you can directly download it. And when I don't want this creative, it will remove this watermark and give me the creative in high definition.

You can download several creatives in different formats and directly push them to the platforms. And you will see that each creative is not only generated by the AI, but AI also scores them. 

Text Projects- Writing Brilliant Ad Copies with Text Ai

We click the generate Button and then text projects. 

With simple inputs and descriptions, you can get compelling ad copies by our Text generator in any style and sentiment. This exercise can be great if you're a new brand looking for ideas.

But if your brand is ready, you can do even more with this tool. And this is free, so you don't need to go and pay for another tool!

The user interface is quite simple. It asks you what kind of text type you want. 

For this example, I want to use listicle-styled texts so that you can also see how it will look on the right side of the example. So the listicle is good to go. I want this to sound professional. The description arrived from the brand description, and my call section will sign up today. Get ten free credits, and I want it in English, but if you want it in different languages, other languages are available here. So save and generate directly.

Advertise smarter with Ad creative AI to generate conversion focus ad Creatives using AI boost your conversions with the right creative sign up today and get ten free credits. As you can see, our Text Ai also knows about my brand, my inputs, and even my call to action to generate high conversion rate ad tech, so you can see they're ready to go. 

So that looks good. If I'm not very happy with some parts, signing up to start creating better ads looks good, but I want to say something other than two times. Sign up now to get ten free credits today. I can edit that manually. If I'm happy with that, if I click on save, it will go directly here.

It has perfect feedback, which means it will feed back the AI to train it better for you. And in the meantime, if you remove any of them because you're not happy will also teach the AI to bring you better results. So that was the second ad text because that's what you need. So now you created your ad creatives and added text, so you're good on the ad side. But we all know that our brands sometimes do not have everyday social media posts. Let's see how we can create social posts in the next section.

Social Post Generator- Creating engaging social media posts

Social media posts are critical to engaging your audience. They also feed the ads because a lot of people, when they see your ads, instead of clicking on the click to rate the cta button, go and click on the brand name to visit your profile. 

And if your last post is from two or three months ago, your conversion will be low. That's why we have built this feature called Social Creatives. 

We have trained the same artificial intelligence that we have, but instead of training it with high conversion rate ad creatives, we have trained it with high engagement rate social media posts.

This way, artificial intelligence can generate social media posts ready to be published on this platform. Here, I want to publish something on LinkedIn. So landscape size is my go-to option. And my target audience is Advertisers.

Again, I don't want to write my texts on the next step. Is AI bringing me any good options? Let's find out! I will give it a couple of seconds, and when that's ready, the last step, as you know, will be the image step. Everything looks good.

The call to action could be fast AI results or create more intelligent ads. So I'm good on the text size. Again, I don't have any images. So I'm going to go here and search for LinkedIn. Since I'm doing a LinkedIn post, I want a LinkedIn logo to be there. 

So basically, the same idea. This time I selected the platform. So knows the platform and all about my brand, project description, and target audience. 

And since it knows all this information, it can generate conversion or engagement focus social media posts using artificial intelligence. And again, if I'm happy with one of them, again, there are hundreds of them here; if I'm satisfied with one of them, what I can do is I can go ahead and download this, or if I made any changes, if I want to make any changes, I can change it. And I can also turn this into different ones.

So if you're a team of one, 500 and 5500 don't matter; you can invite all your colleagues and team members to collaborate. 

And on top of that. If you want to use our platform with your logo, your clients and team members use it as an internal tool. You can also do that using our custom branding within the application. 

You can sign up at today and test all three core features. Also, get ten free credits. If your conversion rates improve, select one package and start using it. Thank you!

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