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Tufan Gok
October 14, 2021
Creative AI

Top 10 AI Marketing Tools That Can Increase Return-On-Ad-Spend

AI-Powered Marketing Comes To The Rescue

Marketing is no stranger to Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI-powered marketing tools have taken over the trivial advertisement. They expand on the limitations of automation. 

AI and automation are like mac and cheese — one goes really well with the other.

AI-powered marketing tools learn from historical ad data and market trends to generate optimized ad content autonomously. With advancements in Creative AI, many marketing products have surfaced that enable marketers to design fresh and innovative ad content.

These AI automated marketing platforms are aimed at targeting the right audience and encouraging them to click on the ad. They execute smarter and more personalized ad campaigns to maximize organic traffic.

Here’s a list of AI-powered marketing tools every marketer should start using today.

1. is an AI automated advertisement platform that can generate beautiful ad creatives at scale. It has a powerful Machine Learning (ML) model that is trained on millions of high-performing ad creatives and social media posts, and is improving every day. 

The trained model understands the mechanics of designing a high-converting ad creative. It decides the position of each ad asset within an ad. The ad creative generated by the AI, strategically places the product image, company logo, and ad copy text to maximize the conversion rates.’s advertisement platform can create hundreds of variations of an ad within seconds. It allows advertisers to save time and run successful ad campaigns quickly, increasing the business ROI.


ADYOUNEED is an AI-powered end-to-end ad management tool. It can smartly create, test, and deploy ad creatives across multiple platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram with LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok coming soon. 

ADYOUNEED’s AI Audience Finder tool shows your ad creatives to the right audience automatically. Using Reinforcement Machine Learning and Bayesian Inference, the ads are automatically optimized, scaled, and retargeted. It can test various audiences and find a perfect match within 5 days.

Full-stack marketers can leverage ADYOUNEED’s comprehensive advertisement platform easily. Marketing agencies, startups, e-commerce brands, or enterprises can gain an unfair advantage with automated optimizations and data-backed insights.


3. Albert

Albert is ranked no. 3 on our list of top ai marketing platforms. It autonomously optimizes ad campaigns and aligns their outcome with business goals. 

Albert’s AI can target relevant audiences and turn them into potential customers based on campaign data. The AI is smart enough to perform trial runs, predict campaign analytics, optimize keywords and ad creatives, allocate ad budget, and place bids, allowing more creative freedom to the marketers.

Albert allows cross-channel marketing for all major platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, etc.

4. Phrasee

Phrasee is an AI-enabled SaaS platform for writing real-time optimized marketing language. Using Natural Language Generation (NLG), it can write better subject lines and natural-sounding variations of ad copy. The NLG model is fine-tuned for each customer’s brand requirements.

Phrasee uses Deep Learning (DL) for analyzing historical customer and market data to improve the language generation model. It can test AI-generated language against human-written brand content — surpassing humans most of the time.

Besides many other clients, E-commerce giant like eBay has reported a 42% increase in their click rate after using Phrasee’s AI-powered Brand Language Optimization technology.

5. Persado

Increasing millions of dollars in annual revenue for enterprise clients, Persado is a top AI content generation platform for marketing. 

Persado is a blend of modern AI technologies like Machine Learning and Natural Language Generation along with computational linguistic which can generate hyper-relevant and personalized ad content.

The AI identifies the tone and voice of the brand by analyzing content written by humans and builds a language model around it. The state-of-the-art NLG model then generates optimized content which appeals to human emotions, promotes brand narrative, describes the offer accurately, and adds appropriate call-to-action.

Persado’s AI learns from previous ad campaigns and the model continues to improve. They maintain a massive database of appropriate enterprise communication words that creates a huge impact when used in brand language.

6. Pencil

If your genius marketing mind is running out of creative ideas, Pencil can generate new ad ideas within seconds using its AI framework.

Pencil’s AI-powered videos and copywriting delivers improved and proven ROAS. The AI uses existing ad assets to generate high-performing video ads within seconds. 

Pencil can identify underperforming ads and replace them with predicted winning ads. The AI continues to learn from past performing ad campaigns to predict new creative winners.


7. is an intelligent AI writer that can write keyword-rich educational blog posts, social media posts, website copy, and more. The AI is trained for writing creative, original, and SEO-optimized content.

With Jarvis, the writer’s block is extinct. It can write content in 25+ languages. It inputs relevant keywords and brand information to generate content based on the AIDA framework (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action).

Jarvis AI model can write long-form content like video scripts or even books. It helps in finishing the first draft quickly with 80% of the content written by the AI model — humans can do the rest.

8. Pattern89

Leveraging the power of Creative AI, Pattern89’s AI-powered marketing tool can predict the performance of ad campaigns before spending any money. The AI can analyze, predict and optimize all steps of the creative process. 

It can decide colors, text, and images for winning ad creatives with proven conversion rates. It can help marketers in understanding why a certain ad creative is working using AI-enabled analytics. It can also improve existing ads and make them profitable.

9. Synthesia

Creating videos require specialized skills involving writers, actors, directors, camera crew, etc. AI can create videos with minimal human intervention.

Synthesia is one of the few products that offer AI-powered video generation within minutes. It can create learning and development videos, personalized videos, corporate communication, and product walk-through videos, etc.

One of the best use-cases of tools like Synthesia is to generate hyper-local ad content. Synthesia offers 40+ human-like avatars that can narrate video scripts in 50+ languages. The AI makes the avatar talk. Clients can also customize their avatars.

10. Anyword

Copywriting determines the success of an ad campaign. A good copy can influence people to become long-term clients. A bad one can lose dollars — sometimes in millions.

Anyword is a cross-channel AI-powered marketing tool that can write the most effective ad copy. Anyword’s AI copywriting platform can write website content, email subject, blog posts, and SMS.

The AI needs to feed on a product summary or description. It can generate high-converting copy and its variations with a mouse click. The AI platform can also predict the performance of each copy and rank them accordingly.


A Couple of Bonus Entries


AutoDraw is an AI doodling tool offered by Google Creative Lab for free. It is not a marketing tool precisely, but it is fun to work with.

It helps artists bring their creative genius to life. Artists have to roughly draw their imagination and the AI will suggest relevant drawings. It has 100s of drawing suggestions that can improve the quality of content.

The aim is to make digital creative drawing easy and accessible for everyone.


Social media advertisement is vital for a brand’s success. Smartly offers a complete AI marketing platform for businesses across all major social channels.

It provides data-backed insights to optimize ad campaigns, budget, and bidding automatically. It can create dynamic and automated ads using the image and video templates provided on this platform — at scale.

Start Leveraging AI-Powered Marketing Tools Today

Leveraging AI-Powered Marketing Tools

Early adopters in marketing are experimenting with Artificial Intelligence to disrupt the advertising industry. Companies using AI in marketing have witnessed a significant increase in their ROAS and CTRs.

With improved AI-powered marketing tools, advertisers can focus more on creativity and come up with new ideas. AI can effectively manage the laborious and boring parts of the job.

Marketers should carefully integrate these tools with their current technology stack. While choosing, they should ask a few questions like does this AI tool align with their marketing goals? Is it backed by high-quality data? Does the product clearly explain how it generates desired output? And the most important of all — is it affordable?

If you want to design high-converting ad creatives and cut your advertising budgets in half, try — our state-of-the-art AI automated advertisement engine that only makes winning ads.

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