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Tufan Gok
January 4, 2023
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Which Typography Has the Ability to Create Highly Converting Ads?

Which Typography Has the Ability to Create Highly Converting Ads?

Do you need more conversions on your ad? Or do you want to generate more revenue?

Don’t worry; this article brings a solution to all of your questions about converting ads. So, stick to it to get more information.

Conversion rate plays a vital role in the increase in profit. However, more people use an ad blocker to eliminate unusual ads. Due to this, it takes a lot of work to get conversions on ad campaigns.

Do you want a complimentary technique to get a free conversion on ads?

You may have used various methods, such as colors, structure, and typography, to grab the audience's attention. But to make a hierarchy and give a specific message, you must choose a typography type.

Do you know why typography is quite essential in an ad campaign? Let me explain it to you.

Why is Typography Important?

Have you ever stayed at a website that is not good in textual format? They will see your site's text, and if it is readable, they will stay.

Why is Typography Important?

For ad creatives, select a font that is easy to read and looks good on every screen. The Gotham font has proven to be perfect for ads. It’s free to download. There are many fonts; you can test. A/B testing could help see what works best.

Way of Communication:

How can you communicate your thoughts with users? Using a website or social media platform, right?

So, right and perfect typography is a way of communicating with people. If your typography is organized correctly, your users will be highly engaged with your social media posts. Design your social posts in a way your audience will love to interact.

Convey Mood:

Let me explain this to you. If you have to create an ad for a game, you will playfully define the game's features. Using specific typography conveys the mood of the writer.

But the ad for some educational institutes will be in a serious or sincere tone. So, mood or tone changes with time.

Create Brand Awareness:

The use of certain types of typography will create brand awareness. People will know about your brand and if your typography is in the hierarchy. However, you can quickly grab the audience's attention without any hassle.


Typography ads are versatile, and users can pay attention to your website by being influenced by your font selection. Different fonts convey different emotions, and just by using a font type, you may be able to change your ad’s overall “feel.”

Less Cost:

Typography has less cost and more conversion rates. However, you don’t need to select the place and spend a lot of money creating ads. But with a little effort, you have to know your audience and understand their interests. This will indeed make an impact on the user’s mind.

How To Pick The Right Typography For Better Conversions:

Being a digital marketer, it is the top priority to increase sales. However, typography is one of the best techniques in marketing campaigns. You can easily get the attention of the audience.

But Which Type Of Typography Helps Increase Sales?

To answer this question, we will explore many typography features which play a vital role in conversions. Then you will be able to select among various typography.

Using many fonts may increase your conversion rate. But it's not true; users will get distracted when they apply this technique. So, use a limited number of fonts.

Above all, Arial, Verdana, and Georgia increase conversion rates, but you should know typography elements to get conversions quickly. There is no hard and fast rule for using Arial or Georgia font, but you can use any font if you know the information below.


You have to clarify your concept about typeface or font. A typeface is a family that will form several characters such as Aerial and Times New Roman are typefaces, not fonts.


The typeface's design, width, and height are known as a font. However, bold 12 size Aerial is the font of the typeface Aerial. So, you should see the difference between both.


Margins are the lines of a page on which content will be displayed. However, using organized and managed lines can quickly and easily get more conversions because users will only stay on websites with regular margins or lines.

Tips and Tricks to Use Text in a Better Way:

Some many tips and tricks will assist you in increasing your sales or conversion rates.

Font Size:

Font size matters a lot. If you use too small a font, can someone read that document? If not, then don't use it in your website or an ad campaign. However, using a font size of 16 can give you a chance to get more audience.

If you provide ease to users, they can not stain the screen. Then you should use an 18 px font.

Study your Audience:

You should know about your business and target audience if you want to use a different font in your ad campaign. If you know your audience, then it will be easy for you to use a specific typography.

Typography is the medium to convey your message. However, it will also impact the cognitive system of users. So, before running a campaign, you should do your homework completely.

Today, several ad creation tools use AI to design ROI-targeted ads. Interestingly, these sorts of ads perform better than traditionally designed ads.

Use Lowercase:

You don’t need to capitalize each word in your campaign because 90 percent of the audience will prefer to see the lowercase font.

Optimize Letter-spacing:

Optimizing a letter space will positively impact the reader's mind. Having too much spacing between letters will have an annoying effect on the reader's mind. So, avoid making useless mistakes because these mistakes may ruin your ad campaign.

Pair Typefaces:

When you use one font in an entire ad campaign, that will look quite boring. To add some interest,  you should pair a font with any other exciting font that seems good with your font.

You can pair typefaces that will look amazing together. For example, Clarendon + League Gothic look excellent together.

But also, be aware that using fonts with different fonts that don’t match will ruin your conversions.

Impact Of Typography On Conversions

You may wonder how typography positively impacts your conversions. Try a simple experiment- Use a relatively easy-to-read and understandable font if you want users to stay at your website.

Above all, it should be your priority to give the best to your users. However, you have to provide ease and comfort to the audience’s eyes.

Let me explain to you how typography impacts your conversions.

●     Typography helps the reader to understand the tone of a person. However, it also conveys what the person wants to tell readers.

●     Typography also promotes brand awareness and enables the brand to impact the user’s mind.

●     However, it also promotes trustworthiness among users. If you are using a unique font and people love to read that font, don't switch between any other font.

●     Above all, typography can increase your conversion or decrease your conversion. It’s up to you how you can use it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which Font Is Perfect For Ads?

The use of simple and versatile ads will promote brand awareness among people. The best ad that one can use is Helvetica. However, you can choose a font according to your business and audience. For this, you have to do a little research for it.

You may also use Aerial, Times New Roman, and many other options.

What Is Typography In Advertisements?

Organizing and managing words in visual formats is known as typography. However, you have to organize the text in such a manner that readers feel to get involved in the ad.

Your ad should be persuasive so that users can click on the ad. This will increase your conversion rate as well.

Which Type Of Font Attracts you the Most?

To grab the attention of the audience, it is vital to bold the sentence. The bold sentence will emphasize essential things. However, it captures the attention of the audience. So, take care of these things.

Why Is Font Important In Advertisements?

Ads play a crucial role and are pretty important. However, you can choose a font according to your business and brand, including font family, color, size, weight, etc.

Final Thoughts

Typography has an impact on conversion rates. However, you can easily grab the audience's attention and convert them to permanent clients of your business. Furthermore, typography plays a crucial role in the ad campaign. So, you must know your audience and select a typeface for your brand.

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