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Tufan Gok
October 24, 2022
Creative AI

Celtra's Pricing in 2022 & The Best Alternative in Creative Automation

Today's market is flooded with automation technologies that may help your agency save time, money, and effort on every marketing action.

More than 79% of marketing agencies now grow their operations and improve efficiency using marketing automation platforms.

There are relatively few technologies available to automate the creation of creatives for specific use cases, such as display ads.

The designing portion is arguably the most arduous of all the jobs, and agencies frequently have teams devoted to this work.

So here I will talk about everything about Celtra’s Pricing and what can be the best Celtra alternative.

What is Celtra?

What is Celtra?


Celtra is a Creative Automation company that helps businesses stay creative at scale. Whether launching products and campaigns, building global toolkits, or driving performance, Celtra allows you to scale and transform brilliant creativity while preserving your brand integrity and design consistency. Regarding Celtra pricing, you always have the option to request a quote from their website.

Some of the most innovative businesses in the world are among their clients, including Adidas, Spotify, NBCU, WarnerMedia, Unilever, and Shopify. This firm that assists organizations in maintaining their creative spirit at scale is called Celtra.

Is Celtra an Ad Server?

Celtra is a Creative Management Platform (CMP) for digital advertising (i.e., banners) that operates as a cloud-based, self-service software to manage the entire creative lifecycle of any digital advertising.

They have positioned themselves as a CMP that gives agencies, media suppliers, and brand leaders access to leading creative technology that allows data-driven brand display advertising across all screens and devices.

Celtra aims to improve advertising effectiveness while reducing operational costs. Media consumption has radically changed over the past few decades, and creating the same media and digital assets over and over is no way to grab the attention or gain the trust of your customers.

Celtra utilizes the aspect of advertising that has the most significant impact on sales lift, blisteringly cool creative, to help brands improve their advertising performances while reducing the cost and workload of the display team.

How does Celtra do Creative Automation?

Celtra helps businesses increase their advertising performances while lowering the cost and strain of the display team by utilizing the part of advertising that has the most influence on sales lift: blisteringly astonishing creativity.

A relationship between precise measurement and knowledge of the performance of the creative is required to improve the process of developing creatives and ad performance. Clients and brands of Celtra can more effectively monetize their investments, increase the relevance of their impressions, and strengthen relationships with their customers thanks to the extensive integration with measurement suppliers and partners.

Celtra Reviews

Celtra Reviews


  • "His program has raised the caliber of my advertisements. Attractive characteristics that make what you do important."

  • "One of the top marketing tools for design firms.”

  • "Although I like using Celtra, I believe the workflow might be a little more efficient.”

  • "The bulk editing feature was great. I would need to utilize the bulk upload tool to attach the tags to the right creatives because I would have a billion distinct tags."

  • "A great tool for digital marketers to scale their brand business and reduce costs on design ops!"

  • “Celtra is so helpful for the modulized contents, with different languages, images, and headlines. It is quick to have multiple contents within less the worktime.”


Celtra Reviews2

  • Report Builder -

    To find deep engaging metrics, it can be a bit tricky to use, as some fields are disabled for particular reporting pulls (Ex. Report for "Placement, Unit, Page Name, Reporting Label >> Custom Occurrence"... you would not be able to add in Unit Engagements to this equation ).

  • Metric Calculations -

    When hovering over the reporting headers, such as "Ad Engagement Rate' - I would appreciate a definition of what is calculated into that metric.

  • Creative HotSpots -

    Within the Creative builder, the set-up was recently updated where you have to click on the 'Hot Spot' and then toggle to the URL tab to add a landing destination. This is tricky and adds time to the process. I do not like this update.

  • Reliance on API connection -

    “So if there is a break in the connection, then the tool doesn't work very well in porting over creatives to Adserver/Platforms. Some confusing setup is required to access different platform elements, and the multi-login screens also confuse it. Syncing information between the platform and Adserver Platform could be quicker - sometimes what is reflected in the platform does not translate to the Adserver.”

  • "The last time I built anything, I didn't deploy it in an app; instead, I put it online on a site. Celtra's assistance informed me that the publisher was to blame for this issue."

  • “Even if your online connection drops, there must be some offline version for altering adverts.”

  • "Currently, listing the campaigns in the dropdown takes longer. Displaying a warning or alert when the locator component's CSV format is incorrect."

  • "I can't think of anything that I despise. I frequently utilize this and will keep doing so."

  • "It could be better." It's very limiting because we have to keep using png files.

  • "Celtra Serves as Relevant Tool, For Some." Celtra is a tad confusing to get used to and does not necessarily help Photoshop be efficient. I find having the PSD file is more straightforward than going through Celtra.

  • "It requires quite a lot of effort to learn on Celtra." The complexity in Feed Editor. A lot of labeling requires differentiation of all the layers/elements.

  • "Good rich media vendor - support not so good." Their support team is not that great, and ends up waiting a lot

  • "The user journey is fairly straightforward." The loading time is sometimes relatively slow.

  • "Tough but good potential." The timelines/scenes didn't work as intended, and I would have to close the link and re-open it to edit tablet/mobile as intended.

  • "Creative & Development Work." It can be confusing getting used to how to use the editor as there is so much in so many different tabs. Even the timeline of how it is used can be pretty difficult to understand after a few attempts.

  • Every product has cons. Celtra is expensive and not affordable to use for small brands. Each export is chargeable, which is an issue regarding Celtra pricing. Celtra has limitations in animations.

  • “Using multiple fonts in the same headline, bullet points, etc., text stylings are also impossible in Celtra. If mp4 assets are larger than 10 seconds or asset dimensions are larger than 3000x3000Px, it is difficult to load them in Celtra or usually not preferable to build in Celtra.”

Celtra Pricing in 2022

Celtra’s purchase costs must be settled through discussions with the vendor. This is standard practice for software sellers and service providers.

You can book a demo by visiting their official website here.

The whole process would look like this:

  • Requesting a meeting with Celtra’s team
  • They will reach out to set up a discovery call with you
  • You see their Creative Automation solutions in action
  • Finally, You Bring Creative Automation into your business

Celtra Alternative:

Celtra Alternative:

An online AI tool called produces result-driven ad creatives in seconds. Additionally, it connects all your social media advertising accounts, including Facebook and Google Ads, to provide you with unique campaign data and boost your ad spend (ROAS) return.

Each creative their AI generates has a unique scoring, representing the likelihood of that creative succeeding.

This aids in identifying the ad creatives that have the best chance of succeeding and may be utilized in bulk for dynamic campaigns.

Additionally, they may be used to A/B test and determine the highest performing creatives, allowing you to employ comparable creatives to those that are successful for you.  

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  • Connect your Google, Facebook, and Instagram accounts to
  • Add your logo to the ad creative by uploading it with a transparent backdrop.
  • Pick your colors. The system will automatically suggest three colors using your logo as a guide.
  • (Optionally) To allow the engine to learn from your data, choose the ad account for the brand you are about to develop.
  • Select between square or story size (new sizes are coming).
  • Make headlines and descriptions available.
  • Choose or add a backdrop picture.
  • Use their backdrop remover or provide an image of your goods without a background.
  • Create potential ad creatives.
  • Ad creatives can be downloaded or, if desired, sent to the associated ad accounts.

Features of

To improve conversion rates, save time, and expand their testing of various ad styles, marketers may use to develop creatives intelligently. Features consist of:

Better conversion rates -

Clients of report up to 14 times higher conversion rates compared to ads created without using data.

Their machine learning models, trained in artificial intelligence, are learning new things daily to deliver modern creatives that convert better.

Seamless Design -

Using their unique AI, they produce branded solutions in hues and styles that match well with the look of your company's logo. interfaces with Google, Facebook, ADYOUNEED, and Zapier.

Collaborative -

Invite up to 25 individuals to, and they may all produce creatives at once under the same account.

You may use the platform for seven days for free and then cancel anytime!

When compared to well-known design tools, how much time is saved?

You would understand how challenging it is to advertise your company with an effective marketing campaign if you are the business owner who must handle everything independently.

The hardest part is making those ad images if you have little design knowledge. Finding the correct messaging to connect with your audience is likely the second-most challenging task.

If you own an online store, marketing each item might be difficult in and of itself. You don't have the time to make each advertisement yourself!

Therefore, you can consider outsourcing it to a marketing company.

So, give it some time and consider hiring a marketing firm now.

They have to deal with several people like you, who would naturally expect a speedy turnaround, which makes their troubles worse.

You don't need to start from scratch manually, as creates hundreds of ad creatives in seconds.

It could take a while to work on multiple variations of your ad creatives, even using template-based sites like Canva.

Are these artistic works pleasing to the eye?

The display advertisements that catch our attention are also visually appealing.

A well-made advertisement significantly raises our belief in a new item or service.

We are ultimately persuaded to click on a design by its colors, forms, images, fonts, white space, and overall visual harmony.

The critical question is whether AI can produce images satisfying the human eye.

If so, how does it accomplish this?

To decide if the planned creatives will be a success or failure, we must now provide answers to these two crucial issues.

Check here: How does an AI Ad Designer meet the world’s largest image repository?

This tone or vibe is one of the numerous elements that make the final ad creative.

I was surprised to hear that creativity may be objective when stripped down to its most basic components. An insightful article on the subject of whether or not artificial intelligence is capable of creative thought may be found here.

Similar to this, your audience has to be able to connect with your message as a whole. Your letter should reflect your company's personality and encourage the audience to buy your product or service.

As a result, the platform uses a competent text generator to help marketers produce the right content.

The Most Vital Indicator of Your Ad Campaigns' Success: How AI Is Changing the Game?

You may use Creative Insights, a brand-new analytical tool, with None of the leading platforms, including Facebook and Google, can tell you precisely how your ad creatives worked in your campaign, even though they all provide insights on every single aspect.

For all advertisers, determining whether their ad creatives were remarkable enough would be a dream come true because, for the most part, we prefer to give our creatives a highly emotional tone.

More than 70% of all banner and display ads primarily rely on creatives, and we have little to no information about how well they work.

Also check: AI Marketing Tools to increase ROAS.

Added Bonus: Social Posts

Added Bonus: Social Posts

While you handle your customers' social media profiles, most marketing organizations do the same. Doing the occasional Father's Day post would grow old after a while. Why not let an AI develop it rather than give your design staff something uninteresting?

Additionally, interactions are the primary goal of the design of these social media postings. So, be confident that your posts will receive more engagement than average! You may now do just that, thanks to a new feature from!

It is a tremendously helpful tool and eliminates any uncertainty over which designs would be more entertaining and exciting for your target audience.

Summing Up is a creative automation solution that can help small and medium-sized businesses expand. It provides simple ways for larger, more established agencies to manage customers from a single platform and gives appealing insights not offered by well-known social network ad managers.

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