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Tufan Gok
July 4, 2022
Creative AI

The Biggest Creative Intelligence Trends In 2022

Creative intelligence has changed the marketing industry.

In the past, creativity was largely subjective and thought to be capable only by the human brain. However, creative intelligence is changing the industry standard and showcasing how powerful it is to build creative automated banner ads backed by data and artificial intelligence (AI).

Look no further than the wild success and meme popularity of DALL-E Mini to see just how powerful AI tools are getting at generating images and other creative content.

We played around with Dall-E’s to see its interpretation of Ads

(We played around with Dall-E’s to see its interpretation of Ads)

Even Cosmopolitan hopped on the AI train, using the platform to generate a magazine cover—in just 20 seconds. Talk about cost savings.

In the world of advertising and digital marketing, automated banner ads make it easier for companies to connect with their audiences faster than ever before.

AI, ever-advancing, continues to help businesses scale at a level never seen before. Let’s dive into three ways creative intelligence has changed the industry in 2022.

Companies Recognize The Value Of AI-Driven Advertising

Image created by Dall-E

[Image created by Dall-E]

Traditionally, business owners relied on intuition and the human mind's capabilities while leaning on their personal experiences to drive actions. Important decisions were made on gut instinct.

Think about the popular television series Mad Men, about an ad executive trying to hold on to his power in the cutthroat world of a 1960s advertising agency. The leading character, Don Draper, was based on a variety of real advertising executives; not an AI algorithm. Part of the fun of the show is watching Don and other members of Sterling Cooper use their talent and genius to generate winning ad campaigns. If the television show was set in 2022, the show would be a lot different—but Draper and his team would likely spend a lot less time in the weeds, too!

[The real Don Draper- Draper Daniels with his wife and fellow ad exec, Myra Janco Daniels] via [Business Insider]

[The real Don Draper- Draper Daniels with his wife and fellow ad exec, Myra Janco Daniels] via [Business Insider]

[The real Don Draper- Draper Daniels with his wife and fellow ad exec, Myra Janco Daniels] via [Business Insider]

While it’s more fun to watch a television show about the human element of advertising, according to the Harvard Business Review, companies in 2022 need to bring AI into their workflows and, sometimes, get us humans out of the way. We need to evolve from human-powered, data-driven to AI-driven workflows, even if following gut instinct is how it’s always been done before.

Modern Advertisers Need To Leave Don Draper In The 60s

According to Forbes, the subjectivity of creativity has changed with companies placing a higher value on data and how it impacts their business outcomes. Integrating AI into advertising and marketing has helped industry leaders realize how important it is to be a data-driven company and has allowed them to do so in a much more efficient way.

AI-powered tools like make it possible to create automated banner ads or auto creatives that aren’t just faster but also more engaging and more acutely targeted to the right audiences. leverages over 100 million data sets from sources like Google Display Network and Google Analytics to ensure the automated banner ads generated are guaranteed to recognize patterns, adapt to market trends, and increase conversion rates.

Auto creatives are built on evolving AI engine trains that eliminate human bias and preferences when designing an ad. In 2022, automated banner ads and creative intelligence are necessary for companies to grow.

How To Break Through A Saturated Digital Marketing Space

The digital marketing space becomes increasingly saturated every year. At any given time, your brand is expected to have a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube. You can put display ads on websites, run deals via push notification through your company app, and advertise on popular streaming services like Hulu.

This omnipresence impacts consumers, too. People are Tweeting about how exhausted they are of seeing ads.

Ad fatigue is a real term

[Ad fatigue is a real term]

All of this means that competition amongst market leaders is the fiercest it has ever been—and that demand for the data and content to break through the noise has never been higher.

For big companies and established brands, the simple way to beat saturation is to increase advertising budgets to overwhelm and dominate the market. However, for most business owners and entrepreneurs, it’s not as easy as just spending more money than the competition.

Gimmicks like Wendy’s mean tweets or Burger King’s “Whopper Detour” (which gave app users a $0.01 deal on a Whopper when they were 600 feet from a McDonald’s) are flashy and can work to generate extra conversions. However, it’s not a sustainable strategy to constantly have to one-up yourself just to break through the noise.

Offtopic- [Savage roasts by Wendy’s] via [Twitter]. We had to throw this in!

Offtopic- [Savage roasts by Wendy’s] via [Twitter]. We had to throw this in!

Another solution is to leverage the power of AI to make every marketing decision count.

Tools like are powered by machine learning and deep learning, which takes the stress of continuously having to stop or “hit the restart button” to adjust to an emerging trend. Creative intelligence can do the heavy lifting for you. is driven by powerful AI algorithms that can perform A/B testing to compare ad variations and gather insights to determine which auto creatives or automated banner ads perform and better connect with your target audience. It continues to analyze the market and conduct tests while reducing costs and saving time.

Creative Intelligence Amplifies Human Creativity

A common concern is whether creative intelligence and automation will eliminate the need for designers or the human mind. You even see these issues dissected in popular culture as movies like A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Ex Machina, and Blade Runner deal with futuristic ideas of artificial intelligence, feeling, and android technology.

However, in 2022, AI tools like have proven to be less of a threat and more of an aid to human innovation and productivity. Automated banner ads and auto creatives help reclaim designers’ time, freeing them from tedious and repetitive tasks so they can focus on the creative work they signed up for. That’s not something to be feared on the big screen at all!

The tedious part of a designer’s job includes tasks such as resizing images, adjusting colors, or creating variations of the same banner. According to VentureBeat, most designers would happily give up the mundane parts of their job. In 2022, creative intelligence and automation streamline and simplify the process so designers can create more sophisticated ad campaigns.

Creative intelligence is a supplement to human creativity

[Creative intelligence is a supplement to human creativity]

Tools like also help designers understand how their creative ads perform at scale. It can be extremely overwhelming when building hundreds or even thousands of variations. It is equally stressful to manually track data on how every variation performs when shown to the consumer.

While designers are experts on the creative side, AI helps amplify the success of their designs when it comes to marketing and conversation rates. is a powerful way to let designers know that their hard work is moving in the right direction.

Where Do We Go From Here?

In 2022, AI is trending to become the industry standard in marketing and advertising. Companies are starting to understand how powerful creative intelligence and automated banner ads are for scaling their businesses to the next level.

Entrepreneurs and marketers continuously look for ways to cut costs without compromising quality. Artificial intelligence has been the solution this year and will become more common as more marketing teams realize how efficient and impactful auto creatives are.

AI is here and will only continue to become an essential part of businesses looking to scale.

Source- Gartner

[Source- Gartner]

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