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Tufan Gok
October 10, 2021
Creative AI

The Ultimate Guide To Start Generating AI-Powered Ad Creatives At Scale

Wouldn't it be nice if marketers don't have to worry about targeting the right market segments or successfully run personalized ad campaigns to generate more leads and traffic? Or worry about meeting their deadlines and ROI targets?

Sounds too unrealistic—right?

Well, don't get too excited just yet.

But for the first time in the history of marketing and advertisement, we are close to making it a reality, and the key to unlocking it all lies in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With advancements in AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP), marketing tools have become more intelligent. They provide sophisticated automation to perform the most challenging marketing tasks.

A 2021 Gartner survey suggests that 63% of digital marketing leaders find it difficult to deliver results with ad personalization, and 84% fancy AI to deliver real-time, personalized customer ad experiences.

To achieve marketing greatness, marketers need a deep-dyed understanding of AI and its impact on marketing and advertisement.

What is AI Marketing or AI in Marketing?

AI marketing is a blend of AI-powered tools that allow marketers to use customer data and insights intelligently. It enables them to make automated data-driven decisions regarding personalized ad campaigns, customer retargeting, marketing budget allocation, and more.

AI-Powered Marketing Analytics

Marketing is a data-rich industry. Due to the massive influx of marketing data, the existing data processing techniques are becoming obsolete.

Without powerful data processing, marketers cannot understand the needs of the customers and improve their products.

Salesforce reports that 66% of customers expect brands to understand and fulfill their expectations, while 52% want personalized offers from brands.

AI-powered analytics can crunch these big datasets to perform predictive data analysis. Better predictions allow marketers to anticipate customer's expectations early.

AI-Powered Marketing Analytics

Creative AI—Creating Human-Like Content

AI has become more creative in the last few years. The development of Creative AI has enabled writers, artists, and designers to create human-like text-based and image-based creative content.

Modern AI marketing tools can generate automated ad content. They use Natural Language Generation (NLG), Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN), and other AI techniques like Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) to design human-like ad assets, making the lives of marketers a bit easy.

AI-powered NLG tools can write ad copy, short-form, and long-form website and blog content automatically. Similarly, GANs can produce realistic images and videos.

Each of these tools can target a specific aspect of advertising. We have compiled a list of AI-powered tools which when used collectively, can benefit marketers greatly. In this guide, we'll discuss how AI can successfully generate automated ad creatives.

What Are AI-Powered Ad Creatives?

AI-powered ad creatives are ads created using AI and automation, displayed on websites, mobile applications, and other digital media.

Ad creatives can be images, audio, videos, or any other digital format. The intention is to promote brand offerings and increase sales.

This guide will focus on creating image-based ad creatives using AI. For this purpose, we will use the AI-powered advertising platform hosted by AdCreative.AI.

This platform allows marketers to create beautiful and automated ad creatives at scale. It takes essential ad assets like the brand logo, product image, and ad copy to generate hundreds of variations of ad creatives. We'll discuss the exact process later in this guide.

How AI-Powered Ad Creatives Benefit Marketers?

Modern marketing presents many problems. One of them is designing high-converting ad creatives. By using AI and automation to generate ad creatives, marketers can benefit in the following ways.

How AI-Powered Ad Creatives Benefit Marketers?

·   AI can create ad banners automatically. The designers can perform minor tweaks on the generated ad creatives and approve the final designs.

·   AI and automation can improve the speed of the design process by automatically generating numerous variations of ad creatives within seconds.

·   With so many ad creative variations available, marketers can target customers with personalized ads as per their preferences.

·   Marketers can quickly perform multiple A/B experiments to find out which ad creatives work for their products and customers exactly.

·   With improved speed, marketers can scale advertising content quickly. They don't have to spend any additional marketing budget to hire extra designers as AI can generate new content within seconds.

·  All of the above factors contribute towards an improved Return-on-Ad-Spend (ROAS).

But AI Needs a Lot of Data?


AI needs high-quality data for training. The training process allows any AI model to learn the important features and patterns present in the data. Based on this learning, the AI model can generate new content.

For creating AI-powered ad creatives, the AdCreative.AI advertising platform feeds on millions of historical high-converting ad creatives.

They are collected via Google Display Network at regular intervals. With continuous training, the AI model's performance is improving every day. The AI model also trains on customer analytics collected from social media ad accounts like Google and Facebook.

The trained model outputs hundreds of variations of personalized and high-converting ad creatives.

Which Industries Can Generate Ad Creatives Using AI?

AI is not limited to any single domain. It is a cross-disciplinary technology that can learn just about any information thrown it's way.

The advertising platform can generate AI-powered ad creatives for all possible industries that target digital advertising.

Any industry that runs on e-commerce like fashion, sports, food, retail, etc, can benefit from AI. The AI model trains on diverse datasets collected from all major industries.

How to Start Creating AI-Powered Ad Creatives?

Account management is the most fundamental feature of any product or platform. Secure signup and login functionalities allow users to perform their tasks confidently.

AdCreative.AI advertising platform has a secure and easy onboarding process. The user signs up to create a new account on AdCreative.AI and follows few simple steps to complete registration. The user has to enter information about his company or brand.

How to Start Creating AI-Powered Ad Creatives?

Connecting Your Social Media Ad Accounts With the AI Advertising Platform

Google and Facebook are ruling the advertising world. Google Display Network can serve your Google ads to more than 2 million websites and applications. And with Facebook advertising, your ads have access to more than 2.5 billion active users worldwide.

For any advertising platform, it is vital to integrate social media ad accounts to streamline the ad creation process.

On AdCreative.AI's AI-powered advertising platform, the user can optionally connect to the following ad accounts during the onboarding process.

·   Facebook ad account

·   Google ad account

·   Google Analytics account

It allows the advertising platform to collect relevant information about the company's customer preferences.

Connecting Your Social Media Ad Accounts With the AI Advertising Platform‍

What Are The Essential Elements For Creating a Unique Brand Identity?

Each brand has its own identity. A brand identity is a collection of elements that makes your brand stand out. The collection contains your mission statement, values, and voice, but the visual elements make your brand unique.

Visual elements include brand name, brand logo, and theme colors. With the right combination, they can build a unique brand identity.

AdCreative.AI advertising platform prompts users to provide these visual elements during the onboarding process. These can be updated later if needed.

The brand logo and colors are vital for creating beautiful ad creatives that are consistent with the brand identity.

Automating Social Media Ad Publishing

Marketers are always looking to automate their tasks. When the advertising platform is integrated with Google and Facebook Ad accounts, the users can enjoy automation. They can directly upload the ad creatives to these ad accounts. They don't have to download the ad creative and waste their precious time by uploading them to the ad accounts separately.

On the last part of the onboarding process, the users can optionally select ad accounts. When the AdCreative.AI advertising platform generates ad creatives, they will be uploaded directly to the selected ad accounts. It enables them to reach their global audience quickly.

Create Marketing Projects

An advertising platform must have the ability to create multiple marketing projects. Projects can be small or large. The ad campaigns can be related to Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Black Friday, or even Valentine's day. The advertising platform must be able to handle the scope of every project.

On AdCreative's AI-powered advertising platform, marketers can start creating different projects after completing their onboarding process. Just enter the project name and the platform creates a new environment for generating ad creatives specifically for that project.

Create Marketing Projects

Can AI-Powered Ad Creative Have Different Size Formats?

Ads can be of different sizes. Each size serves a different purpose. The ad publishers have fixed-size formats for the ads they publish on the relevant platform.

An automated advertising engine must have the ability to generate ad creatives of different sizes. AdCreative's AI-powered advertising platform can create ads in two of the most common size formats.

·   Square format (1080x1080)

·   Story format (1080x1920)

The team is working diligently to add more formats to the platform. Soon, the advertising platform will support landscape size format.

Generating AI-Powered Ad Creatives At Scale

When a new project is created to generate ad creatives, the AdCreative.AI's trained AI model is configured. The user follows the following steps to generate high-converting ad creatives.

·   Select the size of ad creatives.

·   Write one effective ad copy or headline that defines your product.

·   Write a catchy sub-heading that further expands on the main headline.

·   Write a description to clearly explain your product offering.

·   Write an engaging call to action (CTA)

·   Upload a beautiful product image.

·   Finally, click on the Generate button and let the magic happen.

AdCreative's AI engine processes all the information and generates many variations of ad creatives based on the given ad assets. The AI engine identifies patterns of colors and designs within the ad asset, based on what it has learned during the training phase.

The automated ad creative generation is complete within seconds. Now, it is time to use these high-converting ad creatives. But, the ad creatives cannot be served to the customers randomly.

AdCreative's AI-powered analytics collects the customer data from the marketer's ad accounts and recommends which variations of ad creatives are more likely to convert. It considers the data from their previously successful campaigns and deliver personalized suggestions.

Generating AI-Powered Ad Creatives At Scale

Which File Formats Are Supported For Downloading AI-Powered Ad Creatives?

Marketers can download ad creatives for using them on digital advertising platforms other than Google or Facebook.

AdCreative's advertising platform can download pixel-perfect high-quality PNG files. In the future, more file formats will be included.

Are AI-Powered Ad Creatives Editable?

The humans must have the final word in approving the AI-generated ad creatives, especially if there is a mistake.

On the AdCreative.AI advertising platform, users can update the colors, text, or images for any project and re-generate the ad creatives.

Beautiful Ad Creatives Generated By AI

AdCreative.AI's AI-powered advertising platform can generate seamless designs. The ad creatives can increase the ad conversion rate significantly.

The AI engine generates beautiful ad creative variations, which can be seen in the images below.

Brands Using AI-Powered Ad Creatives

A successful product has many success stories.

In marketing, the success of an ad campaign is measured in terms of Click-Through Rate (CTR). It measures the number of ad clicks divided by the number of times the ad is displayed to consumers.

ADYOUNEED's CTR Improved to 6%

ADYOUNEED is an AI-powered ad management tool that allows marketers to create, test and deploy ad creatives on various social platforms.

Before using ACreative's AI-powered advertising platform, ADYOUNEED's average CTR was only 2.4%. Their average Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) was around $9.

Within two months of using AI-powered ad creatives generated by AdCreative.AI, ADYOUNEED's marketing metrics improved. It allowed them to test more ad creative variations within a short time to target the right customers. Their CTR improved to 6%, and their CPA dropped to $7.

ADYOUNEED is creating AI-powered ad creatives at scale. They are using AdCreative.AI Pro Package which allows them to test more ad creatives quickly.

ADYOUNEED's CTR Improved to 6%

Blent.AI Tripled Ad CTR

Blent.AI tripled their CTR to 6.5% within one month of testing AdCreative.AI's advertising platform.

Their Instagram and Facebook ads were getting 2% CTR because they were only serving 2-4 new ad creatives to their audience per month.

After shifting to AI-Powered ad creatives, their testing rate went up. They started testing around 40 new images per week. And the results were promising.

Now, they show their target audience new ad creative frequently, allowing them to decrease the ad fatigue of their potential customers.

Why AdCreative.AI?

Ad creative automation is a complex marketing problem because no one can guarantee whether the customer will click on the ad or not.

With AI, your conversion chances increase manifold.

AdCreative.AI provides a state-of-the-art AI-powered advertising platform that can understand the customers and recommend high-converting ad creatives.

The platform is ideal for e-commerce businesses, startups, and marketing agencies. The AI model is improving every day to adapt to the changing market trends and preferences.

AdCreative.Ai promises to cut your marketing budgets. With market-competitive pricing, AI takes over the laborious and repetitive tasks, allowing marketers to spend more time generating creative content.

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